Bill Checking & Media Apps

Who can you rely on to check that your bill is correct?
Here is an interesting Table  [pages may change]; checking your bills for accuracy is your responsibility!

Well now you have the option of using 2 Android apps:

Also there is  a free version of the water meter app WaterMeterBill8  (it gives you a basic version of how the other apps operate).

The following pages will tell you what's involved and answer any questions you may have.
Here is a brief page on Smart meters:-

Check the links on the left to see if what you want (FAQ for example) is within easy reach.

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The Small Ad apps Threapmaker/viewer recently appeared on Google Play. More Apps are on their way.

Recommended for all establishments.

  • CONTACT - please use the contact button for my apps, on Google Play (it is on the app overview page), if you wish to speak to me about my apps/website or other requirements.
  • For example if you think that I could do more to adapt the app to your region, I would like to know. Thank you