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Wooden Floor Cost

wooden floor cost
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Low Price High Quality Room Divider - 5.5ft. Open Lattice Bottom Fabric Shade Folding Floor Screen Partition 4 Panel Distressed Grey
Low Price High Quality Room Divider - 5.5ft. Open Lattice Bottom Fabric Shade Folding Floor Screen Partition 4 Panel Distressed Grey
A unique, distinctive style room divider, extremely well crafted with a heavy wood frame, solid wood panels top and bottom with horizontal reinforcements. The center panel is a heavy cotton muslin fabric panel, that allows some light to diffuse through the panel. Available in 3, 4, & 6 panel sizes, in 3 beautiful, rustic, burnt wood designs- distressed brown, gray, & white. Practical and beautiful decorative accessories, part of our unmatched selection of American, European, Japanese, & Chinese style room dividers, in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 foot tall designs, in over 30 colors, as well as over 200 art printed room dividers. Shipped the next business day from your order, professionally packed fully insured from our Massechussettes warehouse via Fed Ex, expedited delivery available.

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St. Malachy Church, Rantoul, IL, 1872
St. Malachy Church, Rantoul, IL, 1872
St. Malachy Church History It has been recorded that Catholics had settled in, or near Rantoul prior to the Civil War and were served by priests from St. Mary’s Parish in Champaign, Illinois from 1859 to 1871. In 1872, the original Catholic Church in Rantoul was built on the corner of Tanner and Champaign Streets. The present church located at 311 E. Grove Avenue, was under construction, but not damaged, at the time of the Rantoul fire of 1901. The church was constructed at a cost of $20,000.00 A dedication ceremony took place on December 6, 1901 when priests throughout the Diocese joined with the 95 parishioner families in celebration. Major church renovations took place in the 1940’s under the leadership of Rev. Charles J. Williams when the interior was completely redecorated. Included in the renovations were the replacement of the original altar that was donated by Peter Murray; The original pews with the current pews; The wooden floor with a mar-flex flooring, and The original windows over the crucifix. The original pipe organ was replaced by a Conn Tube Organ. Among many donations that were made at that time was the black marble main altar donated by the Ferd and Fiedler Families and a side altar by the E.J. Molloy Family. A marble communion railing was also installed. In 1962, many of the original stained glass windows were replaced with our modern impressionist ones. Under Father Williams leadership the original Donovan Memorial School was razed and replaced with a two story building renamed St. Malachy School. This included a new gym and stage area and cafeteria. Also, the convent located on Belle Street was added. During the 1970’s, under the leadership of Rev. Stanley J. Malinowski, the interior and exterior of the church was updated. Louis Hollos donated his talents in providing landscaping design for the church grounds. A shrine to the Blessed Mother was erected on the lawn of the church and was dedicated in memory of Mary Morgan. The original slate roof was removed and replaced by an asphalt roof. In 1976, major redecorating took place in compliance with Vatican II. The sanctuary was enlarged, the main altar was moved forward and the communion railing was removed. The confessionals were removed and a reconciliation area was designed. The Baptismal area was move to one side altar and a Holy Family shrine to the other side altar. In addition, the lighting and sound system was upgraded, and carpeting was installed. That same year an Allen organ replaced the smaller Conn organ. In 1980, the parish joined with seventh and eighth grade students from St. Malachy School in erecting a Veterans Memorial on the lawn at the front entrance of the church. The interior was repainted to its existing form in 1994, and that same year, through the generosity of Bob and Bea Edwards and Margaret Fruin, the protective exterior windows were installed covering the stained glass. During our centennial year of 2001, under the leadership of Rev. Jeffrey G. Laible, more recent improvements were completed. A new roof, new carpeting, refinished pews, and restoration of the Stations of the Cross were completed. A unique and generous challenge was presented to the parishioners and friends of St. Malachy Church by anonymous donors to help defray the expense of these improvements. This challenge was entitled the “Century Campaign.” Under Father Laible's leadership the "Opening New Doors Campaign " was formed which added need upgrades and space to St. Malachy School. This included a new gym building, preschool, & expansion and addition of classrooms. The old rectory/administrative office was torn down and the administrative office was moved to newly added office space on St. Malachy Campus/School area. The grounds were beautifed and a drive was named in the honored of Father Malinowski. Father also established the following committees: Building and Grounds, Finance Council, and Cemetery Commission. Adornments and Enhancement were added to St. Malachy Cemetery that included additional statuary and benches. The Hispanic ministry was formed. Also, a home next to the church was purchased as the new rectory and a paved driveway and three car garage/storage area was built. Additional parking was added on the East side of the church and a beautiful grass area where the old rectory/administrative office was. Our web page on the internet was also implemented.
The Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County of Shanxi Province
The Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County of Shanxi Province
=============================================================== The real name of the pagoda, located in Fogong (Buddha's Palace) Temple in the northwestern corner of the county town of Yingxian, Shanxi province. is Sakyamuni Pagoda. People can see a high pagoda towering aloft in the area about 70 likometers away from Datong, that is called Yingxian Wooden Pagoda,one of five ancient architectures in Shanxi province. Yingxian is in the north of Shanxi province, the wooden pagoda is in the north-west of the county. Yingxian wooden pagoda is also called Buddha Palace Mosque Shijia pagoda, which was set up in 2nd year of Da Liao Qingning (1056 A.D.). Nearly 1000 years ago, the Buddha Palace Mosque was a magnificent mosque. After that, it was damaged during war. The wooden pagoda named Shijia Pagoda has been towered aloft until nowadays. The outside appearance of the pagoda is octagon, 67.3 meter high. The diameter of groud floor is 30 meters. It has 5 floors and 6 eaves if you look it from outside, In fact, every floor has inner layer, so, it has 5 floors outside and 4 floors inside, 9 floors together. The image of Sakyamuni is in the middle of first floor which looks grand and solemn, gives people mysterious feeling. There are 6 portraits of Buddha in the wall with proper proportion and bright colour. "Feitian" (one of fresco) beside the Buddha head look active and plentiful, glowing with health and radiating vigour, it is a masterpiece among fresco. There is a sitting Buddha who faces to four directions on the 3rd floor. There is an image of Sakyamuni sitting in the middle of 5th floor, 8 Bodhisattva sitted around it. As there is no inner floors in the center of the pagoda, the image looks more solemn and grand. All of these are scientifically well designed. From the 2nd to 5th floor, there are sidewalks, railings for people lean on and enjoy the scenery of the whole county. According to the record of relative historical documents, if people stand on the top floor, they can see the views 60 kilometers away. Therefore, the top of the pagoda can be used not only for enjoying scenic beauty, but also be used as surveying stand for observing and commanding struggle in ancient times. One thing that is worth mentioning is as follows: Except the 4-meter-high stone ground, the wooden pagoda did not use any nail or rivet, all materials are wooden and connected by 50 kinds of base-mat. Every floor was supported by wooden pillars from inside and outside, about 60kinds of inclined beams, wooden stumps and short pillars were used between the wooden pillars, thus, formed a wooden structure of repeated beam. So, the wooden pagoda looks solid and beautiful. This wooden structure pagoda without any nail and rivet is a huge building project with high-degree difficulty. According to the record of historical documents, Yingxian wooden pagoda used 3500CBM wood. It is said that the ruler of Liao dynasty used thousands of labour force from Heibei and Shanxi at that time. Pine and elm were used widely because pine can not be out of shape and elm is very solid. Just because lots pine and elm used in the wooden pagoda, it has still towered a loft until now although passed 900 years and eroded by wind and rain, damaged by earthquake and struggle. During 200 years from the wooden pagoda finished to the years of Yuanshun emperor, it passed 7 times of strong earthquakes, but it still kept well; During the war of Yan and Feng warlords in 1926, it shot by 200 shells, only 2 pillars was broken. Since 1974, the local government maintained the wooden pagoda, spent 8 years, used 300CBM wood, costed RMB380,000 yuan. During the period of maintaining, a lot of scuptures and silk Buddha painting of wooden block printing were found in the stomach of Buddha image. Every floor (inside or outside) preserved Buddha image and relics in the pagoda. It occupies special position in architecture scale and art among the ancient pagodas today in China. It is the only highest and oldest Buddha pagoda made of wood. DESCRIPTION: SHANXI TOURISM. A TREASURE!

wooden floor cost
wooden floor cost
5¼ ft. Tall Beadboard Room Divider - 4 Panel - Black
Best quality all wood room divider, offered in three, four, five and six panel designs, in Black or White painted finishes, as well as Honey, Natural, and Rosewood stained finishes. American craftsman style design, with beadboard bottom and louvered upper section. Double hinged, so panels bend in either direction. Attractive room divider or decorative screen. Use to divide or define space, shade a window or glass doors, redirect foot traffic, hide an unsightly work area or construction. We offer a wide selection of all wood louvered shutter style room dividers, in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 foot tall designs, on Amazon.com. We offer one of the largest collections of room dividers, in over 100 different sizes, colors, and decorative designs. Browse our eclectic selection of private branded Asian, European, and classic American design living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, room dividers, lighting, rugs, tatami mats, window treatments, wall art, statues, jewelry boxes, fine gifts, on Amazon.com. Orders ship next business day from our Massachussettes warehouse via Fed Ex, with expedited delivery available. Professional customer service 5 days a week, 9-5, EST.

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