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Help lines for U.P.

Help Lines for Uttar Pradesh

Most Important Helpline / Control room number

Police Control Room   100

Fire Service -101


Adulteration in Food, fruit, Medicine below Standard of Medicine-

Adulteration in food, fruit, vegetables, Medicine inform/complaint to-
commissioner food & medicine administration Uttar Pradesh-

Additional commissioner (Investigation) Telephone/Fax 055-2258103

Additional commissioner Administration- Tel./Fax 0522-2258102

Toll Free Number 18001805533

District Magistrate, Addl. District Magistrate, City Magistrate, Addl. City Magistrate in all city, city Magistrate also libel for taking action.
As per as Uttar Prasdesh higher authority Informant name and identity kept in secretly and Informant can be awarded by State Authority's.

Above Information received by Naveen Singh


Hindu Help Line- Systems & Networks For Facilitation  1-Health,  2-Travel,  3-Govt. / Admin.,  4-Legal,

5-Religion / Culture (Area all India) Telephone 020-66803300 /  07588682181

E-Mail-contacthhl@gmail.com Website- www.hinduhelpline.com


Law Knowledge Topseva

For-Legal advise, Free Legal Books as Indian Constitution, Consumer Protection Act etc., Road accident filling claim help, Legal information.


Help line for ladies-1090



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