Permanent Lok Adalat Lucknow

Complaint Procedure


you can complaint in Permanent Lok Adalat for Public Services-
  • Air, Road, Transportation of goods & passengers by water or
  • Postal, Telephone or
  • Electricity, Light, Water distribution or
  • Public Sewage, cleaning system or
  • Hospital, dispensary or
  • Insurance Service (except road accident)
 or other services as per as given jurisdiction by State or Central Government declared in public service.

How can apply-

Apply/complaint in due format with one bench copy and copy for every opposite party with envelopes (Speed post or Registered post)

Complaint fee-

No complaint fee or stamp duty or court stamps required(except Vakalatnama) (Affidavit in initial
complaint stage not required)



  • One recent passport size photo in complaint.
  • Identification proof.
  • Residential proof.

Legal Status-

Permanent Lok Adalat is formed Under Uttar Pradesh Vidhik Seva pradhikaran Adhiniyam 1987 under section-22 Kha 

Only under Constitution of India Article-226 appeal can lie against judgment and order of Permanent Lok Adalat


Before filling case in any court party can filled case in Lok Adalat.
After filling case in Lok Adalat Applicant can not file same matter to any court.
The Judgment and order of Permanent Lok Adalat is full and final and execute by Civil Court as per as decree in Civil Court.

Address of  Permanent Lok Adalat in Lucknow-

Family Court Campus Near parivartan Chowk or old Tulsi Cenema, Keasarbagh, Lucknow
for other district you can find Permanent Lok Adalat address by your district Permanent Lok Adalat or Civil Court or President of Jila Vidhik Seva Pradhikaran (District Judge) or Secretary.

above some information given by-

Mr. B.N. Agarwal
Chairman, Permanent Lok Adalat, Lucknow
Rt. District Judge


Mr. Rishi Kumar
Ex. Chief Probationary Officer

We are very thankful of above judges and officers for his kind cooperation.

Note- Above information is not authentic, Please approach authority of Permanent Lok Adalat

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