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Lucknow Ambulance and Fire Service

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Lucknow Fire Service

Control Room   101

Fire Service Deptt. UP 0522-2287236

CFO    9454418344

FSO    9454418641

Alambagh         05212-2455555       

Bakshi Talab    05212-  231222

Chowk              05212-2253100

Gomti Nagar   9454418658    

Hazratganj       05212-2622222        

Indira Nagar   05212-2348100         

SGPGI                05212-2668111     

Other Information-

First fire station in Lucknow established 1844 in Hazratganj

14 April is fire fighters day (in 14 April 1944 in Mumbai port fort Stiken ship caught fire
 66 fire fighters dead during fire fighting in the memory of those fire fighters and other brave fire fighters 14 April declared as fire fighters day)

Some precaution for fire-

Do not use lift system use stairs during fire.

Do not store L.P.G. gas sylenders.

during caught fire on cloth do not run role on earth.

close gas sylender valve during non use of burner.

switch off electric supply during caught fire in electric wire or equipment.

repair old electric wire and equipment.

Do not use more then one equipment in one electric plug.

Lucknow Ambulance Services 

Emergency      102                                                                                                            

Free Ambulance in Lucknow-
6560000, 3911222

KGMU -2258424

SGPGI Hospital -   2668800/2668700  

Indian Medical Association  0522-2367416

Shekhar Hospital 2352352/2352353

Mayo Medical     0522-2398615

K K Hospital    0522-2231932/0522-2619050   

Rama Hospital  0522-2584226

Javitri Hospital   0522-2440526                       
 Neera Hospital   0522-2322003/0522-2333375                                   

Sanjivini Medical Centre    0522-2252310               

Goel Hospital     0522-2350729/0522-3295466                                   

CL Memorial Hospital  0522-2221060                           
KPM Hospital    0522-235838                                     

Lakhanpur Hospital     0522-2580620                           
Regency Hospital   2212001


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