Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking

     Ethical hacking or Ethical hacker word used for those hacker who hack Website or Email or other  Web page or blog who do not harm any website or Email its only for search and aware purpose weak points of any Website. Many companies and organization are engaging Ethical hacker. Now in this article I am going to tell you some method how hackers, hack your email account and some prevention not for misuse.

How can hack your Facebook, gmail or other account

Your facebook, gmail or other account can be hacked for only your mistake always remember that no any software is available or worked for hacking facebook account We find and use many software but no one can work,  so don’t waste your money and time for searching software. There are many methods for hacking Facebook account some major and best methods you can use these tricks for fun and educational purpose that how hackers are use for hacking account-


First section-

Fake login pages

Username and password hacking by mobile


Hacking by Web browser

Hacking by security question

Fake E-Mail Spoofing


Second section-

Fake Website: Making

Fraud website:Detecting

Fraud Website: Detecting without going on it

Fraud website: Information/Prevention  

Blocking  fake or suspicious Website

Fraud Website: Report


If you want that nobody can view your friends click Edit profile tab-

then sidebar friends and family you can set your settings for view for conformation for view click view as tab for sending personal message with facebook only for that particular person got to your friends page and click message write and send message only your particular friend see your message If you want to delete any message go to the message page click to action tab and you are able to delete any page  For create your list as family close friend go to-


Hackers send you fake login page through email or other link when you click link you send fake login page when you fill your username and password its automatically send to hackers and you see some error message in your window. Email fake lottery announcement are also comes in this category.