Surrey & Delta Physics, Math & Calculus Tutoring

If you live in north Delta or in Surrey we can meet at a local public library, SFU Surrey Centre, coffee shop or at your house.
My availability
  Now till second week of December -  10 am to 10 pm daily
 I will be available the whole year except for a month of overseas work trip which will be announced later

Note: I will be out of country from 2 to 11 September 2015 during which I can be reached by email and we can do on-line study.

If possible contact me at least few days ahead. It is better to book the day/time for a month or two so I can keep the schedule for you.
If you need to cancel the booked time please call me at least one day (24 hrs) ahead.
Locations and hours of Surrey public libraries
Google Map showing Surrey and Delta

Google Surrey & Delta Map

Online tutoring
If we can not find time and place to meet there is a possibility for online tutoring.
What we can do
1) Email you explanation of a particular theory/concept together with a couple of applications
2) Chat in real time to discuss and question and answer on that concept and application
3) Email you the answers for selected problems (they could be from your problem sheet) including sketch diagrams
4) Questions and answers using emails
5) Use online chat to discuss, ask and answer on the solutions of the problems
Please contact me to discuss more about the online tutoring.