19U 2016 Womens & Mens National Championship League (NCL) Photos 

 NCL 19u Western Conference
  Photos taken by Jeff Brace of Pacific Storm Water Polo Club.

   *** All these photos are Copyright © 2016 by Jeff Brace ***


Thursday, Feb 4th

15:40 Women: Capital Wave vs Pacific Storm

17:00 Men: Capital Wave vs Pacific Storm

18:20 Men: Camo vs Calgary

18:20 Women: Dollard vs Fraser Valley

19:40 Men:  Dollard  Black vs  Saskatchewan

19:40 Women: St-Lambert  vs Edmonton Tsunami

 Vancouver, BC
Pool:  Guildford Recreation Centre

Hosts: Pacific Storm Water Polo
            Fraser Valley Water Polo


Friday, Feb 5th

10:20 Women: Dollard vs Pacific Storm

11:40 Women: St-Lambert  vs Saskatchewan

11:40 Men: Dollard Black vs Fraser Valley

13:00 Men: Ottawa Titans vs Calgary Torpedoes

13:00 Women: Camo vs Fraser Valley

14:20 Men: Golden Jets vs Pacific Storm

14:20 Women: Golden Horseshoe  vs Edmonton Tsunami

15:40 Men: Dollard White vs Calgary Wild

15:40 Men: Capital Wave vs Edmonton Tsunami

17:00 Men: Camo vs Saskatchewan

17:00 Women: Dollard vs Saskatchewan

18:20 Women: St-Lambert vs Pacific Storm

19:40 Men: Dollard Black vs Pacific Storm

Saturday, Feb 6th

9:00 Men: Ottawa Titans vs Pacific Storm

10:20 Men: Dollard Black vs Calgary Wild

10:20 Women: Capital Wave vs Sask

11:40 Women: Golden Horseshoe vs Pacific Storm

13:00 Men: Camo vs Fraser Valley

13:00 Women: Camo vs Edmonton Tsunami

14:20 Men: Capital Wave vs Calgary Torpedoes

14:20 Men: Dollard White vs Pacific Storm

15:40 Men: Dollard Black vs Edmonton Tsunami

15:40 Women: Capital Wave vs Fraser Valley
18:20 Men: Camo vs Calgary Wild

18:20 Women: Dollard vs Edmonton Tsunami

19:40 Women: Camo vs Pacific Storm

21:00 Men: Golden Jets vs Edmonton Tsunami

21:00 Men: Dollard White vs Calgary Torpedoes

Sunday, Feb 7th 

8:30 Men: Camo vs Pacific Storm

9:50 Men: Dollard Black vs Calgary Torpedoes

9:50 Men: Ottawa Titans vs Edmonton Tsunami

Thank you to all the volunteers for 
making this a successful tournament!

Enjoy the photos!
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