19th Nepean Cubs

Welcome to the virtual den of the 19th Nepean Cubs

Age group - Cubs is for 8 to 10 year old boys and girlsCub uniforms, new (left), old (right)

Uniforms – The Cub uniform was revised in August 2011. The old uniform consisted of a tan shirt, a sash (for badges and awards) and a neckerchief (necker) supplied by our group. Cubs may chose to wear either the old or new style uniform (available at the Scout Shop). Along with the Cub Book, these are the most important items to purchase.
Volunteering – Everyone involved with the 19th Nepean Cub pack does so on a volunteer basis. There are lots of opportunities to help out at meetings, outings, and camps, please help because we can’t do it all on our own! If you have any ideas for activities, crafts or events please share them with the leaders. We'll try to keep you informed as to what is happening and where and sometimes even why.
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Communication – Emails are sent out to parents each week with details of upcoming meetings. Send an email to Akela to add or remove yourself from the circulation list. Meeting agendas can also be found on the Calendar.

Photos – Photos and videos taken at meetings, camps and outings by the leaders, parents or the Cubs themselves are displayed in the photo album. Please email Akela for full size files suitable for printing, etc.

Badges – The program provides Cubs with regular opportunities to engage in and complete requirements of the Cub badge, star and award system. These are listed in the Cub Book and  are tracking them online - please email Akela for online access to this system.

Bring on the adventure!

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