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Morrison Hotel Album Cover

morrison hotel album cover
    morrison hotel
  • The Morrison Hotel was a high rise hotel in downtown the Loop community area of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It was designed by the architectural firm of Marshall and Fox, and completed in 1925.
  • Morrison Hotel (sometimes referred to as Hard Rock Cafe from the title of the first side of the LP, whose second side is titled Morrison Hotel) is The Doors' fifth album. It was released in 1970.
    album cover
  • An album cover is the front of the packaging of a commercially-released audio recording product, or album.
  • a certain elusive state that occurs during tussin euphoria outdoors at night in which one feels he is posing on an album cover. This normally occurs while people are standing around, the wind is blowing, and the clouds are racing past a particularly bright moon.

Henry Diltz, 9.30.06
Henry Diltz, 9.30.06
Here's my pal the legendary and very wonderful Mr. Henry Diltz, photographer extraordinaire at the opening of his new gallery Morrison Hotel (named after the famous Doors album for which he provided the cover photo) in Hollywood at 7517 Sunset Boulevard. Henry, who is a founding and current member of the Modern Folk Quartet (he sings, plays banjo & clarinet),is most famous for taking many now iconic album cover photos - such as the cover for the first Crosby, Stills & Nash album (on an old couch in front of an old abandoned house on LaCienega in Hollywood) James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" album, and thousands others. He's been my pal and also partner on many interviews in which I would go and do the talking and he would take the photos. I gained a universe of wisdom about taking good portraits from working with him for so many years - especially about the art of making your subject feel happy and relaxed. Henry is a friend to so many, and it's this genuine warmth that is foremost in his photos. This night was much fun, not only to mingle with mingleable folks, but to turn the tables on Henry, and take his picture many times. I told him there how ironic it was to me that I had a camera and he didn't, after all those years in which the roles were reversed. He said, "I do," and showed me the small silver digital Canon he had. (It was Henry who steered me to Canon at a time when i could have taken a Nikonic path.) I love this shot, as it is so Henry. here in the midst of this gala affair, when I directed my lens at his affable face, he gave me this expression which is so funny in so many ways and so real.
1246 South Hope Street
1246 South Hope Street
the Morrison Hotel is closed for business. This from Wikipedia: "Morrison Hotel was an album released by The Doors in 1970. After their experimental work The Soft Parade was not as well received" and Blah, BLAH, BLAHHHH.... blah, blah, blah... "The cover photo was taken at the actual Morrison Hotel located at 1246 South Hope Street in Los Angeles The band asked the owners if they could photograph the hotel, and they declined, so the band went inside when nobody was looking, and took the photograph." The building is made entirely of candy & sausage links, too.

morrison hotel album cover
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