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Repairing Rust On A Car

repairing rust on a car
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repairing rust on a car - Uber Goop
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My past cars - the LeSabre
My past cars - the LeSabre
I can't believe that I never put up my 'glamor photos' of the cars of my life. It's entirely surprising. So, here they are! Normally, I blur out the license plate, but considering the plate expired about 7 years ago, I'm not very concerned. This is my brother's Buick LeSabre Custom, 1990. When I broke my leg, I needed transportation, and somewhere along the line, I just ended up keeping it. I think that by the time I was done with it, my brother had already moved to NYC. There was rust damage all over, as is expected for any car driven in Michigan. Otherwise, the body wasn't bad. There was some trim damage, and also the big dent in the rear bumper where I backed into a lampost (DOH). Over the course of driving it, I did the following: new right front rim and control arm due to hitting a curb, lens tape to rear taillight from rear collision, completely rebuilt transmission, replaced brake lines x 2, exhaust pipe repair, battery, taillight electric work, headlight bulbs, 4 new tires x 2 (the wheels were repaired or replaced so often that I had the shop remove the hubcaps)... I think that's it. All in all, a lot of money went into the car, but it served well during med school. What you can't see in this picture is that there is also a big burn on the front fender from where I hit the power line for the house. It burned straight to the metal. The straw that broke the camel's back was the alternator. It gave out stranding me at exit 1 on US 23 just on the Michigan side. I went to the Honda dealership 2 days later and picked out an Accord. Best decision I ever made. I gave my brother the old plate for it. I kept the stuff in the glove box and also the coin holder. I offered it to Gene, but he turned it down! It's actually in my current car now.
Mr Mini 4 Feb 06 004
Mr Mini 4 Feb 06 004
My brother did some more work on him today. I'd like to say I helped, but my brother was enjoying himself so much that I think I was in the way. I did do a bit. Last week's fibreglass was sanded down a bit, then the body filler went on. When my brother was grinding the rust off the other wing he discovered a very thick layer of body filler under the top coat of paint (the car was originally green but is now white(ish), so this rust is coming from the depths and there was obviously a bad problem way back).

Tomorrow my brother is going over to the mainland and will be picking up a bonnet for me which I found online for a tenner! I've only been searching for 2 years for one I could afford and which was within reach of the Island. I had to laugh - the guy described it as having a few scratches and needing a respray. I laugh in the face of scratches! He also described the colour as an orangey/bronze/bracken colour. Sounds like rust to me!

repairing rust on a car