Wagon Wheel Rug - Kryptonic Longboard Wheels.

Wagon Wheel Rug

wagon wheel rug
    wagon wheel
  • a wheel of a wagon
  • Wagon Wheels are a snack food in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland which have a marshmallow centre and are covered in a chocolate flavoured coating. They are produced and distributed by Burton's Foods.
  • "Wagon Wheel" is a song originally sketched by Bob Dylan and later completed by Old Crow Medicine Show. Thom Jurek, , Allmusic
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wagon wheel rug - Home Dynamix
Home Dynamix Optimum 11025 Black 92-Inch-by-124-Inch Traditional Area Rug
Home Dynamix Optimum 11025 Black 92-Inch-by-124-Inch Traditional Area Rug
At long last, a discount area rug that is beautifully detailed and stylishly colored. From the stunningly contemporary colors of Black and Red, to the soft antique tones of Ivory, Gold, and Green, Optimum rugs from Home Dynamix prove that an upscale, luxurious look needn't be expensive. Power loomed of durable and easy to care for polypropylene yarn, these rugs are soil, stain, and fade resistant. Best of all, each Optimum rug from Home Dynamix rug is available in a range of five sizes, so your customers will be sure to find the perfect rug to complement their decor. 8 color polypropylene.

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Shabby Chic Trapper Bundle - Includes Trapper Cabin and Trapper Furnishings.
Shabby Chic Trapper Bundle - Includes Trapper Cabin and Trapper Furnishings.
This item is a plop down log cabin with everything all linked. NO worries about rezzing and moving - just plop it down. There are furs, oars, snowshoes, wagon wheel, vintage tin and a bench on the outside of the cabin. The bench has three sitting poses/ animations - one of the animations gives you a pip to smoke while your sitting. Two standing poses/animations are at the front of the house - one of the animations gives you cigarette - and your avatar will begin smoke that cigarette when you sit (you must wear the cigarette it gives you). Another sit animation is on the ground in front of the window. If you touch the knife on the front porch, it will give you a knife to throw. All you need to do is put your avatar into mouselook and click to begin throwing knives. On the inside you have a cleaning animation. All you need do is sit on the poseball to receive a scrub brush and your avatar will start scrubbing the floor. in the Kitchen there is a sink for clean up - just sit on the wash basin and your avatar will begin to wash its hands. A large log outside needs to be cut up - just sit on the log to receive a saw. All you need to do is wear the saw. These items are made to fit perfectly with the trappers cabin. A chicken coop, so they can have fresh eggs. One chicken inside the coop and the other chicken is copy/mod so if you want to put a script inside it, or have a bunch of chickens - you can do that. A bed area that has a laying animation, and two poseballs for a couple to stomach sleep. Under the bed is a rifle and chamber pot. At the end of the bed there is a chest which opens and closes with a touch, and a bunch of money inside Bedside table that has a lamp with a tiny light that flickers, books, and there is a bookshelf above, and tapper accessories for the wall. The kitchen includes vintage grain sacks, crates, basket of veggies, basket of eggs, drying herbs, herb organizer, vintage cans with and without labels, and canning jars. Fresh bread sitting atop the counter with raw bread - just 'sit' on the bread to kneed the bread. A wagon decorates the outside with all sorts of utensils for gardening. Touch the fishing basket and receive a rustic fishing rod. A whittling stool for in front of the fire. Sit on the stool to receive a piece of wood and whittling knife - wear those and watch the wood chips fly as your avatar whittles. Let your avatar relax in front of the fire while working with his/her hands. Enjoy the bear skin rug, old vitage map, chest for firewood with axe on top. TONS of little details - chock full of interactivity! If you don't want to see the poseballs for meat cutting - all poseballs are scripted to listen to channel 9. Just type /9 show in your chat line to show the poseballs or type /9 hide in your chat line to hide the poseballs. Very natural animations. You can visit this in world at the main Shabby Chic store in Gemella. This set was created as a stand alone set - or you can add on to the 'Trapper Collection'. The trapper collection is a Summer 2010 collection from Shabby Chic to celebrate the Mountain Men and Trappers of years gone by. See the rustic cabin and all the different additions to the collection. You can start and build the collection by purchasing smaller stations, you can purchase item by item, or you can make bulk purchases. LOTS of interaction in all the pieces.
My Retro kitchen
My Retro kitchen
My red & white Retro kitchen- I have Mom's old Frigidaire "fridge". Hope the fridge last another 50 years! I love to look around my house and think of the things that I got from people that have passed....Grandma's hand made wagon wheel rag rugs, Granddaddy's pie cupboard, Great grandmother's plate with painted poppies, Grandma's old mixer and cover she made for it. I think of my grandma when I open the metal cupboard. That's where she used to keep the cookies when we were kids! Grandma's handmade hot pads....the list is endless. When my sister saw that I had Mom's old fridge IN my kitchen, she had to try out the door. When she heard the latch close, her reaction was the same as mine...it's a sound that is so familiar and we have heard a million times. Additional items gathered from my mom, my sisters, friends, garage sales. I love to look at the detail in the huck toweling my Mom did on the red towels. Other things given as gifts. Most things in my house mean something to me and it makes it all feel even more homey.

wagon wheel rug