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Stop Motion

Vultureman (2018) 
 I did the seaming job for this puppet.

Nice To Meeteor You (2015)
A story about a cat exploring loneliness, friendship, and self-sacrifice.
Coming soon in May 2015.  

JOHN DOE (2014)
JOHN DOE is a story of a detective who tries to ID a killer.

Mikushi's Magic Show (2013)

FALL (2009)

ASI (Animation Scene Investigation)

  Paper Cutout Animation




Film blog: The making of














     Date of Completion:May/06/2013;
     Duration: 00'47'';
     My roles in production: Personal production. 
     Software used in production: Dragonframe, Premiere



    Date of Completion: Nov/2009;
    Duration: 07'36'';
    My roles in production: personal production. (Soundtrack was
    produced by our team.);
    Software used in production: Photoshop, Premiere;

    FALL is a stop-motion animation that tells a story about a girl and a
    piece of cloud. The girl’s archetype is me, while the cloud is an
    abstract image of someone who is always there for me. At the
    beginning, they were just two characters created for my animation
    class assignments. While exploring to enliven animation characters,
    I was planning a whole story about them. At the end of that
    semester, these two characters matured, and their story clue also
    came clear. Thus, the production of FALL began.
    Every single piece of stage property was made by me. For every
    scene, I would shoot hundreds of times and bend my head into
    those pictures trying to find out the best one. In front of the
    computer, I stared at the screen for 16 hours a day repeatedly
    modifying and polishing every single detail. The five-month hard
    working on this seven-minute animation was eventually rewarded
    with the Silver Prize in the First Beijing Student Cartoon and
    Animation Design Competition.





    Date of Completion: Oct/2012;
    Duration: 00'13'';
    My roles in production: Personal production. 
    Software used in production: Dragon, Premiere;
    It is a cutout assignment of my animation class. I have to finish all
    the shooting stuff in an hour, so I cannot make every thing perfect.