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Shadow Factory - Final Project of 2012 Fall
Shadow Factory_Production Book


WuWuMiLa (Trailor)
KIKI's Channel (Promo)

    Date of Completion: May/2013;
    Duration: 02' 30'';
    Composer: Russ Howard III
    Software used in production: Photoshop, Premier, Audition;
    It is a story about a cat tries to deliver his heart to another cat.


    Date of Completion: Dec/15/2012;
    Duration: 02'01'';
    My roles in production: personal production;
    Software used in production: Photoshop, Premier, After Effect,

    This is the final project for Expanded Aniamtion class. It describes a
    factory that produce shadows for cats. There is an old saying that
    every cat has nine lives, so I think that we may see nines shadows
    of one cat.



    Date of Completion: May/2011;
    Duration: 01' 38'';
    Composer: Ruofeng Chen
    Software used in production: Photoshop, Premier, After Effect;
    It is a trailor of animation WuWuMiLa. WuWuMiLa tells a story about
    a cat born without mouth. It sacrificed half of its heart to make a
    mouth and then started looking for something proper to fill vacancy
    in the heart. At last, it realized that having a mouth also cannot bring
    it a better life. Thus, it made the mouth into a half-heart and returned
    it back.
    Date of Completion: Jun/2010;
    Duration: 00'50'';
    My roles in production: Personal production. (soundtrack was
    produced by others.);
    Software used in production: Photoshop, Premier, After Effect;
    It is a promo that introduce the contents of works (both animation
    and design works) in KIKI's Channel. KIKI is my English name, and
    KIKI's Channel is my works collections. 'KIKI' was my english name.