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Toys For Big Boys 2011

toys for big boys 2011
    big boys
  • (Big Boy (eLDee album)) Lanre Dabiri, (born May 23, 1977) better known by his stage name Eldee, stylized as eLDee, is a Nigerian American rapper, record producer and architect. "Lanre" is a diminutive for the Yoruba name "Olanrewaju" (meaning "My wealth is the future").
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Hijdas and Toy Boys and Blogs
Hijdas and Toy Boys and Blogs
Dont be alarmed or get hysterical with what I have to say, its my personal opinion, but it is the reality of my Blog Stats both at Word Press and at Flickr. There is an uncanny curiosity about Hijdas on the cybernet and in real virtual world I saw it at Haji Malang. Hordes of youngsters enamoured by this rare breed that is Indian transgenders called Hijdas. They pretend that they stalk Hijdas for fun or to tease them , but the truth is they just want to fuck them period. I have seen married men head over heels in the company of Hijdas. The troubled , unemployed lazy , youth likes Hijdas , because Hijdas are spenders and dole out money unlike women, who mostly crave for rich men and social trappings and marriage ultimately.There are exceptions to rules keeping this as a disclamer in mind.. This post is not a comparitive study between hijdas and women. The Hijda wants a man, her exclusive man, to show off to the other Hijdas , this is a human Hijda weakness. The Hijda relationship has its flip side too.. I wont scare the Hijda paramour with bobitting and castration when the Hijda is spurned for a woman by her toy boy. There are many unsolved stories and theatrics is not part of my brief.. Hijdas are human but deadly in their intentions when fouled or when they are back stabbed. I have many Hijda love stories locked up in the pigeon hole of my head. I respect Hijdas , at the Ganesh Visarjan when the Hijdas are drunk , their feelings for their lover boys is at public display.Kissing mooching and the cops and society look the other way Lord Ganesha invokes that power to his devotees be they Hijdas or transgenders- they have a right to love on a religious day bigger than Valentines Day. And the Hijdas are in a spiritual trance , a drunkeness of religiosity and the compatabilty of base human nature too. At Haji Malang I did not deliberately shoot guys prowling wildly on the Hijdas, its puppy love at a Holy place , but a lot of guys are here are here for fun and games. And one of them becomes the chosen iconic toy boy of the Hijda. I had Hijdas horny as hell showing me their genitalia to shoot , but I avoided them , my pictures even those that are not of naked Naga Sadhus are flagged here at Flickr where all my posts originate., as though I am a leper , nothing can change that , though you can see male female body parts because Flickr is a human butchers shop..only the Flickr techno dudes pretend they dont know it.. Flickr knows it and I know it too.. And those that flock to Flickr to masturbate their thoughts on such pictures. And I have to tow Flickr guideline - that I do..individually without the help of motley groups.. I am not into child or adult porn, maybe a bit of mammary glands not my own pictures . But the Naga Sadhus at Flickr did me in.. I am a leper unless I delete all the naked Naga Sadhu pictures - so they are kept in quarantine as restricted specie. My Moharam pictures are messy but such are religious traditions and ritualism,, but here I am lucky like the Ipernity moderator they do not say that Moharam pictures corrupt minors. For the record and as a protest I do not post at Ipernity at all. And at Blogspot because of Word Verification that the Bloggerspot Techno dudes should term Word Villification. Anyway being a hurt blogger , I digress I like to share my pain and open bleeding wounds with the rest of the world .. And Target will buy blogs of what a White Man does will they buy that of what a black man or brown man does. Back and brown man just fart freely on cyberspace.. And this is not reverse Racism either. This is life on blog cyberspace. I posted most of my pictures of Firoze Rafaee at Word Press because poor guy wont know how to sign in and see it on Flickr.. He nor his rafaee team mates own computers or internet connections. This post within a half sec will be added to Google Search as Word Press post , though all my posts and pictures germinate at Flickr. And I am 28800 pictures here at Flickr.. All of me .. since June 2007 including earlier pictures from Yahoo pictures .. that incorrectly show I am a member since 2002. I wrote this at my shop, I am at home now. Update June 12 2008 Its now part of a Hijda Blog update 9 July 2011 And another fucked up place I posted pictures was Webshots community they are so regressive that a child in the hand of Salman Khan is considered offensive , can you beat that the child is my grand daughter I deleted all my pictures at Webshots I was a member there since 2005..F** Webshots .. I am at Fotothing Tumbler Live Journal Blogspot and Word Press but I dont post my latest stuff there anymore Fuck I blog at Facebook and Twitter ..
Big Boy-Shoney's 3rd & Eby, 1 wm
Big Boy-Shoney's 3rd & Eby, 1 wm
A couple more shots (night ones, unfortunately) of this former Big Boy/Shoney's, to add to existing set. A flickr friend was quite sure it had been Big Boy, and I can't disagree, as the building looks nothing like the typical gabled Shoney's, with a new front added, as some do. I recall very well dining here, in the 90's, when it was still quite new. These pics are to demostrate the 1994 date on the building, and the former location of the main doors.

toys for big boys 2011
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