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Construction Toys For 3 Year Olds

construction toys for 3 year olds
    construction toys
  • (Construction toy) A construction set is a set of standardized pieces that allow for the construction of a variety of different models or buildings. The pieces avoid the lead time of manufacturing custom pieces, and of requiring special training or design time to construct complex systems.
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places worth caring about
places worth caring about
This is another smena double exposure shot looking out from the Hotel Rossiya in Moscow. I spent about twenty days in Russia studying how politics and the past shape cultural identity. Nearly dead center you'll notice the Cathedral of Christ the Savior... --a pause here to mention some Russian history that is hidden in the layers of this photograph. I'd like to share it as touches on some dissatisfaction I feel about the (post?)modern age-- Part I: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was finished about the time we kicked off our Civil War here in the states (1860). It stood for a number of years until a quarter of the way through the twentieth century when the Soviet's decided to use the location for their Palace of Soviets, an immense tower to be capped by a Statue of Liberty-sized statue of Lenin. They leveled the cathedral and began excavation on what would become the world's tallest building only for the project to be cut short due to rising costs of WWII. When the dust settled, the Soviets were left with an enormous whole in the ground that was slowly filing with water. Their solution: Create the World's Largest Outdoor Swimming Pool. They accomplished this feat about the time construction began on the Hotel Rossiya (the building from which this photograph was taken) just a mile up river. Part II: This spot was originally cleared for a sister building to the Palace of Soviets, the Industry Building. Even though the project never got under way, they had already razed Moscow's oldest neighborhood which had dated to the 12th century. And so, with the empty space, they decided to construct the world's largest hotel. At 3,500 rooms and 21 stories, the Hotel Rossiya proudly stood testament to the Soviet's need to project its dominance in the twentieth century. The rooms were rarely completely booked (though I'm sure the houses that were leveled to create the monstrosity were always occupied). Part III: After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 the Eastern Orthodox Church immediately sought to fill in the world's largest outdoor swimming pool and reconstruct the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Authorization was granted and in the year 2000 the World's Tallest Eastern Orthodox Church once again sheltered worshipers. Part IV: When it became obvious that the ugly soviet creation called the Hotel Rossiya wasn't a practical use of space, the building was leveled in 2006, just forty years after it opened its doors. Construction has begun on a shopping mall to be modeled after the historic neighborhood that just seventy years ago was thriving community adjacent the Kremlin. There will be a food court, movie theater and a 2,000 room hotel with its own parking garage. Epilogue: Russia is currently in another era of building monstrous skyscrapers and planning for more growth to assert its global presence and boom since the adoption of a capitalist based economy. Google: Crystal Island or Russia Tower. I'll let the reader draw from my cynical observations any parallels of mismanaged time, energy, resources and destruction of cultural heritage that may be found in our own society. Instead of exhausting the point, I'll leave with a quote from one of my personal heroes: “A land full of places that are not worth caring about will soon be a nation and a way of life that is not worth defending.” ~ James Howard Kunstler
Here is one of many amazing photos taken in our Purely Kids November 2007 photoshoot of Griffin, Henry, and Margot! I love this one! It's been a hectic week here. Quite a roller coaster ride, actually. Monday: A Buyer made an offer on our house, to take possession on Feb 1st, YIKES Hooray Hooray Hooray!! Tuesday: We countered, and the counter offer was accepted Wednesday: Inspection for 3 1/2 hours... Friday: Received the longest "to do" list our agent has ever seen (15 years as an agent) from the Buyer. (Got to love a "Buyer's" market, especially when every other news article highlights how BAD the Real Estate Market is and how it is only getting worse. Soon I think Sellers may actually pay Buyers to take their house! :) ) Sat: Our response that we couldn't possibly (or reasonably) basically update our 100 year old house into one that rivals a "new construction" house -- in 3 weeks or actually EVER. Sunday: Amendment from Buyer graciously accepting the full renumeration that we offered but added a 9, item tapered down version of The List. What the ___?!? Which we are mulling over while we madly pack and move boxes and toys to our new house, one U Haul Truck at a time... As you might imagine, you may be seeing a few "out takes" in the weeks to come. Not much free time for photography or Flickr. Wish us luck!! ~Rachael

construction toys for 3 year olds
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