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Building Toys For Girls

building toys for girls
    building toys
  • (Building toy) A toy is any object that can be used for play. Toys are usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual for adults and some other animals to play with toys. An example of this is a dolphin being trained to nudge a ball through a hoop.
  • (girl) a young woman; "a young lady of 18"
  • A female child
  • A person's daughter, esp. a young one
  • A young or relatively young woman
  • (girl) daughter: a female human offspring; "her daughter cared for her in her old age"
  • (girl) female child: a youthful female person; "the baby was a girl"; "the girls were just learning to ride a tricycle"

Smokey Mountain, Manila - He ain't heavy, we can do the difference.
Smokey Mountain, Manila - He ain't heavy, we can do the difference.
Press L to view in Large We are building a free mini-hospital for the community in Smokey Mountain (garbage dump site) and Ulingan (charcoal factory). USD5000 is all we need to buy over an existing land and renovate it into a sickbay with clean beds, electricity fans and running water. We will train the volunteer caregivers to take care of the sick patients. Most of the illnesses are due to burn and cut wounds that could be managed by trained volunteers. We foresee that most of the patients would be elderly and children as they are vulnerable to the hazardous environment. A playground would be built in this compound so that sick children would have a safe place to play during the recovery period from illnesses. Malaya Kids Ministries, an NGO who provide physical, mental and spiritual supports to the community, would fully manage the sickbay and playground. Thank to friends supports, we are now able to feed 300 kids with rice, meat and juice on every Saturday or Sunday. We also provide the kids fun time with lots of games and music before the feeding programme. The kids would go back with free slippers, shirts and toys. The poor children do not even have their own shirt and shorts. Often they put on oversized shirts left over by their parents. They are always dirty and hungry. One meal per day (usually instant noodles) is just not enough and nutritious for them. But poverty has forced them to work or go to school in hunger. You guys can make a difference. And I would like to thank the following friends who have kindly sponsor in kind for the building, renovation, and feeding funds. [1] Doris (Flickr Id : Lplate2009) – SGD300 (building funds) [2] Cakka (Flickr Id : cakkarudie) – SGD500 (renovation funds) [3] Yuik – SGD 900 ($300 x 3 months for feeding programme) [4] SH Sim – SGD 600 per month (feeding programme) [5] Anonymous – SGD5000 (feeding programme) [6] Wai Jia – SGD1000 (feeding programme) We still need around USD4800 for the mini hospital project. If you are interested or feel like a calling to help, please Flickrmail me and you can direct donate to Malaya Kids Ministries in Manila, Philippines or through my Paypal account. I do not take any commission or deduct the money for expenses. I will accumulate and pass the money to the NGO when I next visit them.
Lonesome Toys: The Princess Car
Lonesome Toys: The Princess Car
The Disney Princess car was given to a little girl for her birthday. She is such a girly girl and loved it because it was pink and purple and had all her favorite princess characters on the hood and door. Sadly, she lives in an old apartment building without a yard which is on a very busy street and the car just sits in a little space too small to drive in. Her mother promises to take her to the park so she can drive around in it, but she never seems to have the time.

building toys for girls
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