Your Love Boat

Your Love Boat is a 1978 Ford LTD P6.

The P6 was a "second generation" Australian designed and built LTD, and was introduced in September 1976, four months after the ZH Fairlane upon which it was based. At launch the car cost just over $13,000.

This model sports a flamboyant Rolls-Royce-like grille with four round headlamps, (not dissimilar to that found on the Lincoln Continental Mark V). Interestingly, the LTD apparently stands for "Lincoln Type Design" and not an abbreviation for 'Limited' (according to Wikipedia, in any case). 

Under the bonnet is a 5.75L 'Cleveland' V8 engine married to a 3-speed automatic gearbox. It turns out 217bhp (162kW) and 316lb-ft (429Nm) of torque (or at least this is what was to be expected when new). Top speed is supposed to have been a 'whopping' 180km/h, and 0-100 achieved in around 12 seconds. The 80L fuel tank is sufficient for little more than 450kms!

For those technically inclined, the 'Cleveland' engine is a Conventional, watercooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with 8 cylinders in vee... front mounted, longitudinal, inline...pushrod and rocker actuated ohv with two valves per cylinder... (and with a) Ford Autolite 4300 605 cfm four barrel downdraught carburettor" (which enabled the car to meet the new emission controls of the time).

Our LTD was originally specified with the 'Country Pack', which we understand included more ground clearance and strengthened suspension designed for its use on unsealed and corrugated roads. Additional safety features were added by the previous owner in preparation for charity bush bashes, plus we've added a roll cage, bull bar and some serious lights to cope with the additional challenge of the Great Endeavour. 

Over 17' 6" (5.36m) long and 6' 5" (just short of 2m) wide, The Love Boat has extensive real estate available to display the logos of organisations whose sponsorship will help cover the fuel and likely running costs involved with participation in the 2013 Great Endeavour. Click here to find out how you can reserve your advertising space!