Silver Hydrosol

silver hydrosol
  • A sol (colloid) in which the continuous phase is water
  • Herbal distillates are aqueous solutions or colloidal suspensions (hydrosol) of essential oils usually obtained by steam distillation from aromatic plants. These herbal distillates have uses as flavorings, medicine and in skin care.
  • (Hydrosols) An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile, ethereal oils or aetherolea, or simply as the "oil of" the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove.
  • a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography
  • made from or largely consisting of silver; "silver bracelets"
  • A shiny gray-white color or appearance like that of silver
  • Silver dishes, containers, or cutlery
  • coat with a layer of silver or a silver amalgam; "silver the necklace"
  • A precious shiny grayish-white metal, the chemical element of atomic number 47

The Total Complexity of Nature
The Total Complexity of Nature
Floor: Family statue, fluorescent lighting, Kenyan leso, vinyl, bricks, air plants. Wall: Whiskey, chamomile, blue pigment, olive oil, rosary beads, walking stick, letter opener, animal fat, cadmium red, linseed oil, juniper berries, acrylic paint, amarillo food coloring, silver hydrosol and lavender with fluorescent lighting and honeycomb.
Codex/Codicology (Abstraction)
Codex/Codicology (Abstraction)
Amarillo Food Coloring, Silver Hydrosol.

silver hydrosol
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