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925 Silver Men

925 silver men
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925 silver men - Mens 925
Mens 925 Sterling Silver Curb Chain Solid Link Bracelet
Mens 925 Sterling Silver Curb Chain Solid Link Bracelet
Zest up a new season of modern fad with this Curb chain bracelet in lobster lock. Be dashingly fabulous this season with its lustrous .925 Sterling Silver.

Condition: New
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Gram Weight: 84.4
Charm Measurement:
Length: 9 inches (Please email us for other lengths)
Width: 16.6 mm
Thickness: 5.4 mm
ID Length:
Lock: Lobster

Engraving Service: Some bracelets can be engraved for a small fee of $15 per side. If youre interested, please contact us for more information.

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87% (15)
* ????: 925?? / ??? * ??: ?? * ????: ?? * ????: 45cm?? * ????: 50cm?? * ??: 10mm, 12.5mm, 15mm (???) * ??:925 ??1.0mm,???0.5mm * ??: * 925?? ~ RM 88.00 * ??? ~ RM 58.00 *~ ????:6?????,????? RM 2.00 ???? *~ ???:1????,????? RM 10.00 ??? *~ ??925??????????RM 20.00 ~ ????(Stainless Steel) : RM 58.00 *???,???????* ****??????,??????????????,?????????????,???? **??????????,?????** DIY Personalized Name Necklace/Bracelet & etc * Chain : Sterling Silver (925) / Stainless Steel * Chain for lady: Between 45cm * Chain for Man: Between 50cm * Nameplate height : 10mm, 12.5mm, 15mm (choose either one) * Nameplate thickness : ~ Sterling Silver (925) ~ 1.0mm ~ Stainless Steel ~ 0.5mm * Price: ~ Sterling Silver (925) ~ RM 88.00 ~ Stainless Steel ~ RM 58.00 *~ Alphabet :6Alphabet,Extra add RM 2.00 per Alphabet *~ Chinese name:1 word,extra add RM 10.00 per word *~ If you want change the 925 silver chain to thick Add RM 20.00 * Phone Strap(Stainless Steel) : RM 58.00 **After confirm will gv u actual price** **Any names can be made. The above images are just to illustrate some of the samples for this personalized necklace design. ** **** After receive the artwork design, you did not confirm or make payment within 3 days, we will cancel the item without prior notice, thanks for co-operation
Topaz Flora Silver Cufflinks
Topaz Flora Silver Cufflinks
These Stanley Lewis men's cufflinks have both a unique and intricate design. Using a 925 silver setting, these handmade cufflinks for men reflect both the character and timeless dedication of Italy's most prominent jewelers. A rhodium plating captures the radiance of amber, topaz and agate synthetic stones, with each stone hand finished and fitted to perfection. These limited edition silver cufflinks are presented in a handcrafted leather and suede cufflink box making them the ideal gift for men. SIZE - Square 20mm x 20mm

925 silver men