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It is intended to help present information about 1974 BVHS football team* which will be inducted in the BVHS Hall of Fame on Wednesday April 13, 2011.

October 24 :  New '74 Team Spirit Scholarship announced. See new web page on left side.

April 13 last minute updates

The News-Press published an article in today's paper and online:    

emple Heights game film edited and now online in two 10-minute parts:

1st half: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp2idSVG9qM
2nd half:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2yw8tWdrmI

Bishop Verot High School wants to recognize a historic bunch of high school football warriors who put the school on the local map.  (See photo at the bottom of this page.)   Coaches Korzep, Thierer, Cahill, Gill, and everyone involved with the '74 team will be attending. We want cheerleaders, fans, parents, anyone of interest to feel invited. The chore is contacting everyone. 

You can help.
  "Where in the world is..."   We have not had contact yet with four people. Please let us know if you have any leads how we can find them, or know someone who might know.
    • Tracy Kemmy
    • Tom Markovich
    • Jesse Scott
    • Chuck Wunder

The "Scrapbook 1974" page on the left side provides significant statistical information about the season. Information, articles, and photos about aspects of the season are contained on separate subpages.  

BTW:  You may wonder who the collective "we" are.   It includes everyone involved with this planning effort.  I especially want to acknowledge Coach Gill & staff for championing this effort, and I know that Carolyn Kiesel Sheppard and Andy have put out a ton of effort to help fill in gaps in the contact list, and to collect scrapbook info.   Other researchers and contributors so far include Mike Pavese, Carl Barraco, Genie (Woods) Tanner, Wally vox Arx, Jeanne Wang Faubian, and her husband Ray.  (If I missed anyone, please let me know.)    - Joe O'Connor

The 1974 football team is being inducted into the BVHS Hall of Fame. Cheerleaders and others will be honored and recognized  but not inducted.

Vikings Hall of Fame:  Links to BVHS web pages for the Viking Hall of Fame and the selection criteria.

If you have any miscellaneous comments or questions, please send a note to Joe O'Connor at  reg077-bvhs@yahoo.com

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 Recent Updates
Oct 24
'74 Team Spirit Scholarship announced. See new web page.

Apr 11

Updated RSVP list

Apr 4
Removed personal contact info and made the site publicly available.
Apr 1
Jeannie Siebenthal has been contacted. Our "missing" list is down to four.
Mar 31
Thanks to Jay Michael for providing pertinent links back to BVHS.org and for the 1973 spring scrimmage video! (see Scrapbook - Other)

Mar 31
All known scrapbook articles and pics have been uploaded!   Next: A game movie...

Mar 21
Paul Vaught was contacted and will not be able to attend the event.
Mar 20
=> Team photo added to the bottom of this page.
=> A bunch of game stats added to the Scrapbook 1974 page.
=> Have started to create scrapbook pages with articles and photos. That's a work in progress likely to take a week or more...

Mar 18 - Joe Everett is off the "Where is" list.

Mar 12 - Schedule added under Scrapbook; links to Viking Hall of Fame on this page

Mar 10 - Chuck Wonder added to "Where is..." list.

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