Sandblasting and Prime

Time to get dirty

I decided to build a wooden cradle to support the body for cleaning and sandblasting. I built it out of 4x4's and plywood and mounted it to the bumper attach points. I also added casters to make it easier to move around.







 I borrowed a 12 HP air compressor and pressure blaster from my uncle and built a tent out of tarps to control the sand. Silica sand was the media of choice since it was cheap and readily available at the local Home Depot, but before we could blast all of the undercoating needed to be scraped off.


I started with the frame. The compressor was on the small side for sandblasting so the work was tedious to say the least. I finally got the frame clean and did some patchwork to repair some corrosion under the battery box. Next came two coats of black epoxy primer/sealer which I also used on the suspension components.

The body took the longest to strip, especially the underside where the undercoating was. There were many cracks and crevices that were hard to get to and the going was slow. After a couple of weeks of blasting I got it clean and primed it with DP-100 self etching primer. The quarters were left as is because they were going to be replaced.