Reborn as a BIG block

The original engine was a 350 small block. That didn't seem like it would be enough fun in a 3800 pound car, so I decided to bump it up a bit from stock.  I wanted to rebuild the 427 that I got along with the car but found that it would actually cost less to purchase a new 540 short block from Scott Shafiroff Racing than to build the 427 up myself, so that's what I did. I added Canfield aluminum heads and a Howard roller cam selected for pure torque. The Scorpion roller rockers were a tight fit under the Moroso tall valve covers but I have plans to make a custom set for better clearance around the rockers and the brake booster. It uses a forged crankshaft and rods from Eagle, that according to Shafiroff, are good for 1000 HP. I used a Mallory Hyfire VI-A ignition switched with a Mallory dual point distributor. Twin electric fans and a heavy duty four core radiator were selected to keep it cool. The carb is a 870 CFM Street Avenger from Holley, which I really like for it's versatility and ease of adjustment, and the headers are a reworked pair of Hookers.






I wanted the alternator and power steering pump to sit as low as possible. None of the commercially available brackets fit the bill so I opted to make them myself. I also made a billet pulley for the power steering pump to match the one on the crankshaft.

D-day jitters made me get the timing 180 out on the first starting attempt but after that it fired right up.