1972 Chevelle Super Sport 

My first frame off restoration 

In the fall of 1999 I decided that I needed a project and posted a want list for mid 60's to early 70's GM muscle cars. I was primarily looking for a 66 Chevy Nova but wasn't being too particular. After missing a few opportunities I responded to an ad for a 1972 Chevelle SS for $1300 and was surprised to find that it was still available. It was a non-running car that did not have the original drive train but sounded otherwise complete so I agreed to take it. The car was located near Raleigh North Carolina so a road trip was definitely in order. I talked my crazy brother in law (with a truck) into going and rented a tow dolly to get the beast back to Michigan. 

The car was pretty much as described although in very rough condition. It had little rust but was obviously abused it's entire life. It had been hit and repaired in both quarters and there were dents in the roof. On the other hand it did appear to be an original SS since it did have all the right options and it all appeared to be complete and original. The car had been off the road long enough that it was a doubtful SS clone. After the deal was made, the owner said there were 35 responses to his ad but I happened to be the first.

The trip back to Michigan was uneventful other than a few hairied moments going through the mountains on West Virginia. There was a lot of interest in the car wherever we stopped and I turned down several offers to buy it. We got home well after dark and pulled the car off the dolly so we could get it back to U-Haul by morning. We were both dead tired after our one day round trip excursion to the south.

The next morning was spent assessing what I had gotten myself into. All in all, the news was good and I couldn't wait to get started.

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