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Half Dollar Silver Coin

half dollar silver coin
    half dollar
  • a United States coin worth half of a dollar
  • The denomination first struck in 1794 that is still struck today.
  • The sum of fifty cents
  • A US or Canadian coin worth fifty cents
  • The fifty-cent piece is the common name of the Canadian coin worth 50 cents. It is sometimes referred to as a "half dollar." The coin's reverse depicts the coat of arms of Canada.
    silver coin
  • Silver coins are possibly the oldest mass form of coinage in recorded history. Silver has been used as a coinage metal since the times of the Greeks. Their silver drachmas were popular trade coins.
  • (Silver Coins) Code name for cocaine, a popular adjunct to the coin business during the boom years of the 1970s and 1980s. "Do you have any silver coins for sale?" First heard from Boy Wonder Kevin L.
  • (Silver coins) being the color of the moon, indicate you have a strong intuitive ability. Like the moon you are a light in the dark. It is common to find yourself discovering silver coins in a dream or picking them up.

221.365 | keep the change
221.365 | keep the change
a couple of my friends posted pics that had coin jars in the background and I thought it made really cool bokeh, so I thought I'd give it a try with my lucky half-dollar.
1942 US Half Dollar Most Beautiful coin ever made!
1942 US Half Dollar Most Beautiful coin ever made!
These vintage Half Dollars are my favourites. I think the most beautiful north american coin ever minted.

half dollar silver coin
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