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Peppa Pig Toys Sale

peppa pig toys sale
    peppa pig
  • Peppa Pig is an animated television series created directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies and distributed by E1 Entertainment. To date, two series have been aired, while the third began screening in May 2009. It is shown in 180 countries.
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Peppa pig cake
Peppa pig cake
Peppa pig is made of fondant (I've been practicing my modelling skills) as are the bees, ladybirds, butterflies, flowers and grass. I loved making this! Must acknowledge that I copied this from a picture I saw (not sure where from though) so thank you to that person!
Peppa pig cake
Peppa pig cake
Peppa pig cake for a 4yr old. This was the second cake I've ever baked and decorated:-) You can't really see in this picture but there is pink glitter on the wings.

peppa pig toys sale
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