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Knitting Patterns For Toys Uk

knitting patterns for toys uk
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Quicksilver Handi Knitting Tool
Quicksilver Handi Knitting Tool
Generally I carry a small Crochet hook to work corrections and to pick up knitting stitches, not now. The issue I have with a hook alone is it tends to widen the stitch as you pull the hook down and lacks a "picking" mechanism. The Quicksilver Handy tool has both; a crochet hook (size D) on one end and a knitting needle (size 3) on the other. The total length is 4” and is a great deal for around $1.50. Finding the Quicksilver Handi Tool in your local knit shop or superstore may not be possible but look online. I found mine at but unfortunatly, the $4 shipping cost exceeded the price of the tool, so I purchased some sock yarn (but not enough to bump up the shipping cost), to make it worth it. This tool is an awesome knitting notion.
70's Action Man knitting leaflet
70's Action Man knitting leaflet
Fresh from the UK: knitting patterns for your own Action Man mountain climber, jogger and cricket player. My girl wants to make them for me :D Looks like something 8-Skeins would enjoy too. Wanna have the scans Mr. Danger? :)

knitting patterns for toys uk
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