Fashion Courses In Uk. Fall Fashion 2011 Preview

Fashion Courses In Uk

fashion courses in uk
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  • United Kingdom
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Course de l'Escalade
Course de l'Escalade
Start of "La Course de l'Escalade" race for "Hommes II" category. The first Saturday of December of each year, proceeds in the streets of the old town of Geneva the most popular demonstration of the Genevese life: "La Course de l'Escalade" ('The Race of the climbing'). Nearly 20' 000 runners registers (all categories) and is addressed from international level athletes to occasional runners, children and adults. The distances covered vary from 2 to 8 km according to categories and include 1, or 3 laps. The races proceed in the narrow streets of the old city and finishes in the Park of "Les Bastions". At the end of the day thousands of spectators awaits the pinnacle of the spectacle: "La Marmite" ('The Pot'). It is not really a competition, it does not have classification, the participants of all categories run together the 3,4 km disguised. The competition mainly relies on the originality to create surprisings disguises and people come with their family. "La Course de l'Escalade" is not only one great sporting event, it is also a splendid day of relaxation. The spectacle is in the street!. [2s exposure]
UK - The Midlands - Black Country Museum - Lauren on the old bus sq
UK - The Midlands - Black Country Museum - Lauren on the old bus sq
Lauren enjoyed the Black Country Living Museum as there were plenty of rides in buses and trams but she was most excited about the old fashioned funfair where, of course, everything was extra to the entrance fee.

fashion courses in uk
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