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Tuscan Rooster Decor

tuscan rooster decor
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tuscan rooster decor - Liora Manne
Liora Manne Tuscany Rug Collection - Rooster Black, Size: 42" X 66" Rectangular
Liora Manne Tuscany Rug Collection - Rooster Black, Size: 42" X 66" Rectangular
Liora Manne Tuscany Rug Collection - Rooster BlackThis rug features an eclectic mix of design elements in bold colors. The rug also features a cut-and-loop construction for intricate details and shading. Made of 100 percent wool, this rug is a unique addition to your home decor. The manufacturer recommends using rug underlays or underpadding to help protect uncarpeted surfaces, and to prolong the life of the rug. Liora Manne also recommends caring for wool rugs with regular vacuuming, rotation, and spot treatment for removing stains. The rug is available in a variety of sizes, see Specifications tab for details. Features: 100% wool Indoor rug Hand tufted Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

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Rooster Milk Jug WIP
Rooster Milk Jug WIP
I love the little rooster that artsy painted here. I painted the chain yesterday - still deciding if I want to have it hanging or not
Rooster Head Berry
Rooster Head Berry
For some reason the berry on the left struck me as looking like a rooster head.

tuscan rooster decor