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decorating table tops
    table tops
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decorating table tops - 30" Walnut/Oak
30" Walnut/Oak Round Tabletop (06-0775) Category: Conference Room Table Tops
30" Walnut/Oak Round Tabletop (06-0775) Category: Conference Room Table Tops
Item #: 06-0775. Constructed out of 45 pound industrial grade partical board and thermally fused melamine on either side. Tops are edged with a high quality extruded rubber t-molding with solid color throughout. Available in premium walnut & oak, or mahogany & black. Double sided. Matching "T" molding. 1 1/8" thick.
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Art within Frame
Art within Frame
Because large glass table tops often have a 'blue' tone to the glass itself, especially around the edges, even though it is transparent it harmonizes with the color of the base and provides an overlying framework which contains the fanciful lines of the base.
Blue Baby Table
Blue Baby Table
An open and airy look is created by the clarity of the expansive glass top, juxtaposed to the thick sturdy breadth of the massive carved legs and wide plinth-base feet. It's a symphony of the bold with the air.

decorating table tops