Restoration/Maintenance of 1969 Series 2 E-Type Jaguar


Each box in the grid below contains a link to an album of photos of a particular area of the car, or task performed. I have tried to organize them starting at the front of the car and moving towards the rear, so the first box concerns Removing the Bonnet. If you click on the photo, a new window should open which contains a Picassa Album of photos. You can navigate through that by clicking on the left/right arrows at the sides of each photo. There is a caption under each photo. The photos were originally taken to assist me in the task of reassembling the car, and augmented by extensive written notes. As such, some areas are woefully sparse, and probably of no use to anyone. That said, I hope that some of the material may be of assistance to fellow enthusiasts when working on their E-Types. Good luck!
Passenger side of radiator - note cable route to Otter switch - P-clip on fan mount.

Before and after cleaning and media blasting
Steering Wheel installed in the car
 View of oil filter canister from below. This car is fitted with the oil filter head that was first fitted to later Series 2 cars starting with engine numbers 7R2298/7R35583. Rebuilt carbs installed on the intake manifold. Bells were gently polished.


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