Second Half of 2009

These are pictures of July to September of 2009

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Well, what a slow, slow second half of the year.  I helped Gayle organize our first garage sale.  The sale itself took up two Saturdays in addition to the prep work.  I built a cat house for our new cat, Maggie, and my in-laws liked it so much that I built them one too.   That with my college classes made the 'Cuda come to almost a dead stand still.

I did get the back driver side a little bit further.  I sanded it down to bare metal and then used bondo and topped it with self etch primer.  The second picture is of a few parts that were pretty bad off.  No, you aren't crazy, those are not the head light bezels from the 'Cuda, they are from Richard's Ford truck, I sand blasted them for him, you can see the results in the last picture.  Also in that picture is the air cleaner which I attempted to sand blast.  After a few minutes I discovered that the top is too far gone and a replacement would work much better.  I guess that is going in the unfixable stack.  I also did the transmission support and an inner fender for the 'Cuda, though the inner fender needs some metal work too.  I included a before picture of the sunvisors, which need to be restitched.