Third Quarter 2008

These are pictures of July to September of 2008

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Well July has been a busy month.  Unfortunately not for the Cuda.  I did some work on the Jeep and also had to finish up some finals for school.  

As far as the Cuda is concerned, I painted and sandblasted.  I got the paint on the entire underside of the passenger side fender, hung the fender, and painted the front part that is behind the headlights that I had previously fabricated.  I also painted the front part of the car that is behind the grill, painted the lower hood latch assembly and attached it as well.  I finished sandblasting the driver fender and will start on the welding process next.  I also sandblasted a few small headlight parts.  More to come soon.


 Here are some updated pictures as of August 29 2008.  I had a bit more time to work on the Cuda since school let out.  I got in a few good hours on finishing the drivers front fender.  This included sandblasting, welding, attaching a patch panel, welding some more, painting the back side black, and then banging on it with a hammer.  I also finished the grill and attached both of these as well as the other fender.  I primed all three with grey auto primer from a spray can just to put something on the bare metal.  I also primed any other welds on the car to help prevent rust from forming.  By the way, when I say "finished" I simply mean the metal work, nothing else so far.

I finally figured out how to get the dash off so off it came.  I bought a gallon of oil based paint from Home Depot and had it matched as best I could to the interior color.  Now I know it looks a ton brighter, but you must take in mind that there are about 18 different shades of blue on this car so I did the best I could.  What I mean by this is the dash, floor boards, trunk area, carpet, headliner, inside the doors, steering wheel and just about everything else was a different shade of blue.  It doesn't match the floors, but it almost matches the inside of the doors so oh well.  I figured since it wasn't going to be a show car I would just put a nice coat of oil based paint on the floors because they needed it and the carpet will cover it anyways.  I am not finished but wanted a picture in the middle of the process for comparison. 


September has been a pretty good month for the Cuda.  I have been busy painting the interior with the blue paint I bought in August.  I have painted the roof of the interior and the back half of the cabin where the rear seat goes.  I have also painted about two thirds of the underside with black rustoleum, two coats as well.  I have done some welding and grinding as usual.  I forgot to take any before pics so the after would look kinda dull.  Instead I have decided to post some before pics of the passenger side of the car where I am about to start welding.  The first picture (with the trunk hinge in it) is of the rim around the trunk opening, the second is the inside of the trunk lid.  Third is the passenger side rear wheel opening, rear part, and fourth is the front part of the rear passenger side wheel opening.