First Half of 2009

These pictures are from January through June of 2009

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Although I did do a little work on the 'Cuda in the first part of the year, most of my time was spent working on my new '74 Roadrunner.  You can see the pictures here: 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner  Now that I have it like I like it, I will get back to the 'Cuda. 
It seems that my April was pretty slow.  I had a bunch of school work to do, though I did spend a bit of time on the 'Cuda.  I finished painting the entire floor and trunk of the interior with two coats of blue oil based paint, as shown in the pictures on the right.  I have started some exterior body work, starting with the front driver side fender and door then moving towards the rear of the car, shown in the first picture.  I have to sand down all of the primer, red and grey.  I wish I had know that before I primed the front fenders and grill, but oh well, lesson learned.  After I sand the primer down to bare metal I am applying bondo filler to low spots and then I will sand it smooth.  This is my first time to do this so it may take a while to learn the skill of a perfect body panel.  Also, in May I purchased a spare 318 V8 and tore it down to the bare block with the help of John Gleason, as shown in the far right picture.  It was pretty complete, with intake and oil pan and everything inbetween still attached.  We both learned a lot about engines that day and hopefully when I put my engine back together it will go a bit smoother.  In April I also finished most of the trunk welding, shown in the lower left picture.