Begining Pictures from January 2008

This page is the start of the cuda 

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Here are some pictures from when I first got my 'Cuda!  The first picture is from where I bought it.  The red color that you see is primer.  I was told that it was sand blasted and then primed.  Most of the metal that is primed red does reflect this statement.  The front fenders and grill have not been blasted.  I am currently sandblasting them with a $12 sandblasting gun that runs from my air compressor.  In the wheel picture you can see that I lost all but one lug nut in getting the car home.  This has ruined the lug studs and the lug holes.  I guess I am getting new rims too!  You can see by the pictures that the glass is removed.  I have all of the glass and it is all in great shape, with the exception of the front windsheild that may need to be replaced or relayered.