Carl's 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner

This page is all about Carl's 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner and any modifications or work that is done to it.

So I traded my Jeep on January 20, 2009 for a 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner.  The Roadrunner is in great shape.  It has the original 318 V8 motor with an automatic transmission on the column.  The car has air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, front disc brakes, ralley wheels and the original spare.  I am the third owner of the car and it has always been owned and located in North Alabama.  The interior of the car is in great shape.  It has a camel tan colored bench seat and rear seat.  There is also a new headliner.  Some of the car's interior options include a radio, a/c & heat, map light, and a radio fade between front and rear, all of which work fine.  The car's engine starts right up and runs smooth.  It doesn't idle or run hot.  I have cruised in the car at 65-75 mph and it runs very smooth.  There are several new engine accessories.  The paint on the car is original, as are the stripes.  Because they are original there is some paint fade and the vinyl stripes are cracking.  I plan to have a new paint job and new stripes within the first quarter of 2009 and will update this page then.   There is no rust or dents in the car.  So on to the pictures. 



 April 4, 2009

Well the new paint and stripes have been on for about a month or so now.  I also had the engine steam cleaned.  The first picture is of the Roadrunner fresh back from the painters, no chrome.  The second picture is with the chrome put back on.  Third and all the rest have the new stripe kit installed, along with new Roadrunner badges.  My favorite picture is of my wife Gayle adding some touch up black paint on the wheel lip moldings.  See, she does help me and I love her for it!  The last two pics are of the Roadrunner by an old abandoned auto parts building out here in Priceville,  I just thought it looked cool with the red, white and blue.