1968 Barracuda Project


This is a page dedicated to Carl Kuby's 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 

Last updated on February 25, 2010.

The First Year 2008
The Second Year 2009
The Third Year 2010
This is a site dedicated to the construction of Carl Kuby's 1968 Plymouth Barracuda notchback.  It is a numbers matching 318 V8 car with original A/C.  I still have most of the original parts and equipment.  The original plan for this car was to rebuild it to 99% original condition.  I think now that I will make it more of a resto-mod.
It will not be painted the original dark blue color.  I will be going with B5 Blue which is a lighter color with blue interior and white seats.  The engine will either be the stock 318, with the exception of a new intake, a 4 barrel carb and headers.  My other option if I can afford it is a new 5.7 Hemi carbureted, though that is more of a dream than an actual plan. 
As far as the resto-mod plans go, I plan on shaving all emblems, except the hood ornament and hood chrome.  This will eliminate all exterior words that say "Barracuda" or "Plymouth".  I plan on going with a white stripe that is not original to the car, though it will be similar to other Mopar stipes, and it will be unique.  I will not share the details until I have it done though, as to protect my secret ;)  I also plan to tuck the bumbers as much as possible, and then paint them body colored.  I plan to use Eastwood's light argent metallic texture, which replicates the texture of early 70's Mopar trim and bezels, on the headlight and tail light bezels.  I have a few other tricks up my sleve, but you'll just have to wait and see!
The body work will be done first and the engine last, with everything else in-between.   I plan to do almost all of the work myself including sandblasting, painting (maybe), engine, all minor detail work and general clean up.  
I have never worked on an old car before or any car in general, other than changing the oil and brake pads.  I am "learning as I go."  This has always been a life long dream of mine.  Wish me luck!
 This is what she looked like when I bought her. 
This is the most recent picture from summer 2009

This page will be updated as often as I can with pictures or comments so check back soon.

This is pretty much what the 'cuda will look like finished.  I will add a stripe, different wheels, and white interior, plus all my resto-mod touches.