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RR Project

Donation Goal: $500,000
Please take the online survey below.
Scott M. Wright Enterprises 

Attention: Model Railroad fans

I am looking for backers/investor(s) to raise some money to open the largest model railroad show in the World and take that title away from the fantastic layout from Miniature Wunderland ( in Hamburg, Germany.  

Take a tour inside their facility.

30x48 Steel Building Metal Farm $7843 + $475 shipping   LINK

Three buildings will be started and more will be completed as we grow and expand.

27 yards of concrete per 30x48 building at a rough cost of $2430 + $60 for delivery

I am looking for 4+ acres preferably in the Southern United States yet close to a large city.

And/Or if you have a large warehouse that you would like to donate such as an old Walmart, Kmart, Target that is 2+ acres in size.

Here are some properties that would be considered pending the use of the land for commercial use.
Waycross, Ware County, Georgia Land For Sale - 212.38 Acres $210,256 LINK
TIGNALL, Wilkes County, Georgia Land For Sale - 212.6 Acres $381,617 LINK

Running some numbers
3 buildings $7843 = $23529.00
3 shipments $475 = $   1425.00
Land $210,256
3 cement slabs at $2430 = $7,290
3 shipping costs $60 = $180.00
3 labor to erect building $5 psf (30x48 =1,440) = 7,200 = $21,600

Total cost $264,280

The first building will have a small concession stand that will operate for walk up business from outside and inside of the building or possibly a food truck outside.

I will also have flee market style booths inside for hobby and craft operators. ($20 per day or $300 per month). Ticket sales: Ages 0-1 Free / 2-15 $6.00 / 16-65 $10.00 / 66+ $8.00

All participants who will build this train city will not be charged anything to display their railroad layout.  You bring and build your layout here for you to show off to the whole world. If at any time you would like to remove your display you would be allowed to do so.

When this company becomes profitable, all participants will enjoy monetary rewards.

  • What I would be looking for is electrical and computer engineers.
  • Building an animated airport
  • Daytona 400
  • Build your neighborhood
  • Scenes of downtown, waterfronts, stadiums, freeway's
  • All four seasons will be welcome

At Least 20% of everything on your display must be lit and/or animated.

The following will happen if we have enough land.
The attraction area would add the following at a later date:  RV Campground & 32 miniature golf course, a couple of lanes of bowling.

So are you in?  Do you know someone that might be interested in investing or giving a donation.

Scott M. Wright

Send in check or money order to

Scott M. Wright Enterprises
1540 New Lascassas Highway #1120B
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

If you would like to use a credit card, please call 954-282-9896 or send an email.

Pay using your Paypal account

Don't have to send the money in right away if you don't want to, you can pledge the money and when we are ready to go, we will call you to send the funds.  Just send a post card to the address listed above or send an email to and say you would like to pledge the money.

Any questions please don't hesitate to call.

Scott M. Wright

Online survey: Would you be interested on building your own RR layout here?

Go Here: link

Photo from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

LIVE Bailey Yard Web Cam    LINK