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A person who works in this field is called a prostitute, and is a kind of sex worker. Prostitution is one of the branches of the sex industry. The legal status of prostitution varies
country to 
country (sometimes from region to region within a given country), ranging from being permissible but unregulated, to an enforced or unenforced crime, or a regulated profession. Prostitution is sometimes also referred to as "the world's oldest profession". Estimates place the annual revenue generated by prostitution worldwide to be over $100 billion.

It is mostly illegal in the United States because their are some people who don't want to believe it happens and others are feminist that says that women degrade them selves.  To be frank it is a job.  Some people like being one and some don't.

I propose that it should be legal and everybody get's something out of it except pimps and sex trafficers.  Follow the general guidelines for a successful way to do the oldest profession in the world.

  1. No sex worker is allowed to have a pimp or sexual supervisor except if you in an employment of a brothel or massage parlor.  If found to have one you will be fined $300 and the pimp and/or supervisor will be arrested
  2. Every sex worker must be over 18 unless the minor is amancepated and over the age of 16.
  3. Every sex worker must submit to a health check every 30 days for any S.T.D.'s and reported on a national data base that any customer can check on.  Having a disease doesn't prohibite you being a sex worker however you should only have relations withsomeone else with the same STD or atleast you must make the customer aware before you engage.  If you fail to have this check your licences will be suspended until you do so.
  4. Advertisement: You should only promote your services on the internet or dedicated publication for adult use only.  You cannot advertise your services out in the public or facilitate the actions out in public.  You should conduct business in your home, motel room or an establishment such as adult facilities only.
  5. No sex trafficing/slavery shall be allowed.
  6. Website will be available to healthworkers and customers.  It will be just like any other dating sight but healthworkers will update your healthrecords for your last check up, indicate any STD's that might put customers at risk and customers can leave feedback on their experiences.
  7. A county shall charge no more than $50 for a licence for a sex worker.  You as a sex worker must report this as income.