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Flooding, drought and fire.

Part 1: Flooding and drought.  

Drought not enough water. What happens, millions of dollars of lost crops, higher priced food. More water is used the price of water goes up and dwindles the local supply of fresh clean water.

Where do we get more water?

In terms of lives lost and property damaged, floods are just behind tornadoes as the top natural disaster. In the United States, flood damages totaled $8.41 billion in 2011. There were 113 flood-related deaths. Floods can affect any area to some degree; wherever rain falls, flooding can occur.{1}

Solution that will save billions of dollars each year: Let's create a cross bread of the sewer system and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System across the USA.

When a town starts to flood, water will travel in a westerly direction because most of the drought is in the western part of the US.

To aid in the movement of the water will be multiple high volume subpumps so a city does not flood and gets the water moving in the right direction.

Sewer stations will now have a new waterhouse that holds “non potable water” for agricultural and other commercial uses. Excess water can continuously flow west into the ocean.  As the pipe flows past farms, farmers could have their own water storage facility built and collects water to water their crops for free.

Where to put the pipe line, they can be placed along our freeways underground with even an added benafit of taking the water from the freeways when it rains.

The pumps will only turn on when it reaches a level or pressure point to automatically turn them on.

How are the pumps powered?  A one pannel solar cell.


This will create jobs and save the insurance company billions each year from flooding in flood proned areas.

The only other solution is to make 30' rivers next to all the freeway system so when it does rain water has a place to go.

Start managing the water better because the last 100 years we have done nothing at it is costing billions of dollars each year and that money could be spent a whole lot better for other things such as food, homeless people, education.

Coffin Turbo Pump – Model DEB 22 up to 1550 gpm (352 m3/hr)


Part 2: Forest Fires and water

Forest fires mostly in the west and Very large fires easily do more than $1 billion dollars in damage, according to the Insurance Services Office, which performs research for the insurance industry.  This happens year after year after year, billions of dollars in damage caused by fire in the mountains where their are no hydrants and last year we had fire fighters die and pump plane crash.

Their is a way this can be done that will not cost billions of dollars to do either.

Just build a water tower on top of mountains where the water can be routed from the ocean and large rivers using a 4"-6" pipeline that will be burried so not to make nature unsightly to surround firehydrants and perhaps large capacity sprinkler systems that will automatically start when a fire melts a plastic sensor that will automatically contact forest services.