Right now Germany holds the position of the worlds largest railroad (link).  


The largest model railway in the world, and one of the most successful permanent exhibitions in Northern Germany.

They have over 1 million visitors a year at an avg ticket of $9.33 = $9,333,333.33 per year

I would like to obtain 2-6 acres of empty commercial land in Orange City, FL just outside of Daytona Beach:  5 Acres of Land $50K (link)

24x41 metal building - 1 to start = $10,000 +  (Link)

Starting cost needed is a little over $60,000 plus hooking up electric and water and labor.

People buying space in the facility $5 per 4x8 area per board per year

With the love of model railroading, I would like to change that.  If you would like to help out in funding this indever you can do this right below with a credit card or you can mail in a check or money order.