Mail And More

This business center is open
Mail Services
US Post Office, FedX, UPS, DSL

Are you taking a flight but your extra luggage costing a fortune to take it with you, stop here at Mail & More and we will ship your luggage out to meet up with you to your destination. Send it about 5 days before you go and if you are shipping it to a Hotel, just get permission first.

$0.10 Envelop #10
$0.53 First Class stamp
$0.39 Post Card Stamp
$0.10 B/W copies
$0.59 Color Copies
$0.10 fax per page
$5.00 package a small box
$6.00 Turn a picture into 2 post cards
$9.00 Turn a picture into 3 post cards
$0.99 Shredding per pound
$5.00 10 quick business cards
$15.00 500 business cards
$30.00 100 4x6 post cards 1 side
$50.00 500 4x6 post cards 1 side

Services Offered through the store

  • Real-estate Management Service
  • Secretarial Services
  • Data Entry
  • Business Cards
  • Checks - Personal or Business
  • 4x6 Post Cards
  • Answering Service
  • Come in and learn a computer program
  • Scanning Documents
  • Sell products from our web sight
  • Bookkeeper

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We accept the following here for recycling

packing peanuts
bubble wrap
cell phones