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About K-Town Staffing in Kenosha

We are members of your community. Employers trust us because we're also local business owners and we understand the challenges you face every day. In addition, we have a large pool of light industrial, skilled crafts and trades and professional, clerical and IT services employees to fit your needs.

Our recruiting team can help place the right employees in your company and give you the competitive advantage and staffing flexibility you need. Working with the right staffing firm will help reduce turnover, reduce labor cost and can even improve your profitability.

We will strive to be the Best Staffing Firm in Kenosha

We understand the challenge many employers face when they consider a new temporary workforce solution in Kenosha. Reliable options for quality staffing firms are few. Extra effort to minimize turnover, reduce labor cost and finding the right candidate for those hard to fill positions can simply be too much work for most managers to add to their already heavy workload.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! K-Town Staffing is more than just a temp service, we provide local staffing solutions for the whole Kenosha community with 30 years of my experience in working with staffing companies. We offer skilled labor, unskilled labor, administrative and clerical staffing in both temporary positions and direct hire. Industries we serve include warehousing and distribution, construction, manufacturing, call centers, and human resource services.

K-Town Staffing was founded in 2017. K-Town Staffing is dedicated to workforce solutions tailored to fit our clients’ needs. Our scope of service includes temporary staffing, direct hire staffing, administrative staffing, business support, vendor management and on-site staffing support. We strive to provide only the best staffing solutions that work specifically for our local industries in Kenosha.

What is a staffing company?

I get this question all the time.  A staffing company is like a middle man.  

Company ABC's secretary is out with the flu and they need someone at the front desk greeting these customers and taking phone calls while secretary is out sick.  So the boss calls a staffing company and says we need a secretary here for a week until ours gets better.

So now we go into our files, see who is not working and match them up with your skills and send you to Company ABC to fill in for the week.  

At the end of the week, you fill out your time card, have your boss sign it, you fax or email a copy of it to us and by next Friday or Saturday you should have your paycheck.

Accounting & Finance
Administration and clerical
Architecture & engineering
Art & Design
Biotechnology & Science
Business / Management / Business Development
Customer Service
Education & Teachers
ETC - all other
Food & Beverage & Hospitality
General Labor
Human Services
Industrial (warehousing, line work)
Internet / Programming / Software / Systems / Network / Web
Legal & Paralegal & Lawyers
Marketing / Public Relations / Advertising / Media
Medical / Health
Real Estate
Retail & Sales
Salon / Spa / Fitness
Security / Law Enforcement
Skilled Trade (Craft)
Technical Support
TV / Film / Video