I appreciate the time you are taking to make a donation.
You have the choice of making different types of donations:

Your favorite charity (We only keep 1% of the donation for administrative cost.  Other charities do keep up to 75%, they are greedy only to fill their pockets.  I hate greed)

We are a for-profit company and we are not a 501-c-3.

Help fund local people in paying their bills and/or food.  We will accept monetary donations from around the planet. This is called  LCNH (local charity - National Help)

You are helping out my company pay it's bills so we can stay afloat.  
$22,991.43 as of May 8th, 2017
$22,851.86 as of June 9th, 2017
$11,481.19 as of July 17th, 2017 + $15,000 for 2013 Chevy Captiva 

To send money using your credit/debit card copy this email address:

If you want to use your checking account to send money to 
send an email here:

If you are sending cash (not a great idea)  Make sure your packaging is secure
send it to:  Scott M. Wright Enterprises
6826 Sheridan Rd, Kenosha, WI  53143
include a note for what the money is intended.

or purchase some ribbons to support your cause