Computer Programs I Use

Here are the programs I use or have used
M.Y.O.B. Account Edge double entry bookkeeping system for downloading high quality photo's

The Master Geneologist - Family tree

Instead of using a telephone from the telephone company I use
Free phone service is at

Instead of renting cable or a satalight dish, I watch alot of things on,,,, etc.

I receive faxes from

I can send out 3 free faxs a day from

Don't want to spend $200-300 dollars on office use:

do you need internet in your car but don't want to spend $30 per month on usb type of thing, try

How about a way to use credit cards when selling something?  I use paypal and     It is an online interface.

Two types of free online stores you can create
Prestashop and Woocommerce through wordpress

Make an online banner page at

A free basic homepage can be made with