Helping Hands USA

This company is not yet operational.  I am awaiting funding.  If you would like to donate funds so this charity can start, It would be much appreciated.  Any questions call the switch board at Wright Enterprises 
(954) 282-9896

Founded in 2012.     - Advice Column
We are a new organization that helps out owners and renters who need help restoring their homes if their insurance didn't pay for the damage.
I started this organization because copper thieves are out there stealing copper wires out of air conditioners, air handlers, refrigerators and cutting interior wiring for the copper.   They are leaving the dwellings with damaged or missing equipment, broken windows and doors.  If another community action agency denies your application, we try and pick up the slack and help when someone needs it.

This organization is designed to the less unfortunate people in the United States who are down on their luck and need some assistance.  This could be an elderly person who is on a fixed income and can't afford the repair.  This could help a military spouse who is not there to do repair work while they are somewhere fighting for our country's safety and freedom.

US Serviceman are returning back with traumatic injuries and missing limbs and may now need wheelchair ramps and other medical aid devices in their homes.  Donate today to help get these built for them.

We would ask you once you are on your feet once again, that you donate back money if you can to help the next person down the line.  Sort of like paying it forward. 

Send an email to to request help.  In the email state what happened and what you need help on your house or an apartment.
To donate, click the button below.  The money goes to buy supplies, city permits and hire maintenance professionals if no volunteers are available.
We are also accepting donations for the following causes:
Throat Cancer
Free Medical Clinics

Donate your vehicle, boat, motorcycle or RV.  We will fix it up and resell it.  The cash will go into the general fund for this project.

Contest: Come up with our new logo.  Prize: Dominos Pizza coupon for $20, your information will be on your page as the creator of the logo. 
Click on the Contact us page for the email submission.

What we are looking for,  Eye popping colors, nothing deragatory, inflamatory or copywrite infringment.

We need volunteers.  If you would like to be a volunteer,  please send an email to to be put on a list.  Please list your name, telephone # and if you can offer your services for free or how much you charge per hour.  We need electricians, plumbers, carpenters.

Habitat Restoration Project needs a lawyer to donate their time to represent and file the 501 c 3 papers.

Donations of construction material and Clothing and furniture for disastor relief
The way we accept non monitary donations is we don't have a store.  We ask you that you keep it on your premisus until needed.  Just email the items that you would like to donate to it will be added to the data base.  We will keep this database for all 50 states.

Anybody that would like to be put on a list to give someone in your neighborhood a ride to the doctors, grocery store, etc.  When we have a need of someone unable to get somewhere, we will try and match them with a volunteer driver.  Please email your name, phone # and times you are able to give a ride.
Misc other areas we can help people in:
Payee Services - When a person collects SSI, they are required to get a person or an organization to help them pay their bills on time.   A judge can order that as well.  Our charge is only $12 per month doing this.  We will take the money, pay your bills and divide the rest in three checks paid over the next 30 days.
Our Goals:
A Paid member of the staff pay will never exceed $50,000.
Help another person in need if we are able and have the funds.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- The Rev. Patrick Sellers, pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Riley, walked through the wrought-iron gate guarding his church's air-conditioning units and a look of exasperation spread across his face.  Click the picture to read more.

Copper thieves strike police radio tower

No one, it seems, is immune from the scourge of copper theft.

This weekend a Kansas City police radio tower was the target of thieves who made off with an estimated $12,000 worth of wiring and other metal items.  Click the picture to read more.....