Press Release Letter and Photo's.



The Convertible has that "let's go adventuring look," which makes it unique and appeling to the smart set.  The sleeky sculptured daeck is another mark of Thunderbird originality and personalized styling.  At a touch of the switch, the whole rear deck rises automatically, the top folds completely inside, and the deck closes again.  There is no bulge or cloth cover to break the shining sweep of metal.



The styling motif for the 1963 Thunderbird is enhanced with the graind vinyl roof, accented with a chrome Landau bar on the rear roof panel.  The vinyl roof comes in black, white, dark blue, or dark brown and may be combined withe appropriate Thunderbird exterior colors.



Retaining the classic roof design, the 1963 Thunderbird Hartop offers universal appeal that gives traditional Thunderbird high resale value.  The Hardtop, like all Thunderbirds, pays big dividends in fine craftsmanship, luxury motoring and pride of ownership.  In addition to its beauty, the Thunderbird roof line offers a maximum of head room while retaining its low silhouette.


Sports Roadster

Featuring a molded fibre glass tonneau cover with padded head rests, the four-seat Thunderbird is coverted into a two-seat sports model.  To give that extra sports flair, the Sports Roadster has wire wheels and simulated racing-type "knock-off" hubcaps.  In addition to the passenger assist bar on the instrument panel, the Sports Roadster has distinctive exterior and interior ornamentation.


 Limited Edition Landau