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56 Entrees

Got myself a 63 hardtop with the aqua interior and gold piping, its not a show car, Its a driver. I've had the rust done and a bit of panel work and respray with original metallic turquiose with a flattner in it. Its got green glass factory tints and vinyl roof. Its lowered and looks wicked, im in Brisbane Australia, just about done afew legal bits to do and im rolling in one of the best cars to come out of ford in the sixties, well except a 61 starliner................

Date 29/May/2010
Thanks for putting this site together.  My father puchased a 63 new when I was 6 years old and he pasted it down to me when I was 16.  I drove it another 6 years until my father was driving it one day and the motor thru a rod.  The car was sold for $400 and I have always wanted to replace it. The other interesting fact about this car is the muffer pipes would only last about a year.  You could purchase the pipe for $7 but they had to be welded on the output side. Since I only made 2.25 an hour back then, I looked for someone at school who knew how to weld. I made friends with Robert Eckels whos father had a welder and also happen to be a commissioner for Harris County, TX.  We became best friends and he followed in his fathers foot steps and because the County Judge of Harris County, which is the highest elected official.  I had a very sucessful CPA practice at the time but because of our friendship I joined him as the CFO of Harris County Judge. If I had not been so cheap and had the muffer pipe installed on the 63, I would not be in the position I am today and oversee a 5 billion dollar budget.  Now that I am 53 I have been looking to accuire the same hardtop and color, however this time I think I will have someone else do the welding.

Thanks again for putting together this website.

Bill Jackson, Houston TX

Date 11/May/2010
My name is Richard Walker. I just bought a 63 Ford Thunderbird. Want to restore it back to mint condition. I have been looking on the internet for parts and people to talk to while I remodel it. Would like for you to email me some time so I have someone to talk to about the remodel and some insite on doing this remodel and finding part. Look forward to hearing from you.

Date 3/February/2010
My name is Sandra, and I live in BEllingham, WA.   I meet a man in Surray , Canada who restores Thunderbirds.  His latest find is an M-code 1963, and he is so excited to start this project, a long time dream.  Don tells me that there are only a few left of these rare birds, and it was a dream come true when he found this one.  His hotmail address is: Thunderbird65@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you, Sandra

Date: 24/January/2010
Steve Puvogel -Puyallup Washington, USA. Owner of a Black 1963 Thunderbird, and member of the Rainier South Sound Vintage Thunderbird club.

Date: 17/September/2009

Great website. Us '63 t-bird people are always looking for new diversions with kindred spirits. In the last 2 weeks i've had the cars picture taken twice by strangers, one lady hanging out the passenger window of her car doing 75 mph on interstate 25 in colorado. what a gas! tk in denver.


Date: 15/September/2009


Great site! 

I've owned a 1963 Thunderbird for about 4 days now and I cant believe I put this off for so long!

I have owned a 1958 and 1959 Pontiac,1956 Buick,1941 Dodge...this is by far the best yet,may be the last!( well maybe not the last but ...)
Thank you for all the great information and photos

Date: 15/August/2009


Hi, my name is Craig I live in California. I've owned my 1963 Thunderbird H/T since I was 14 years old....I LOVE IT. I will never get rid of it. My dad bought the car when he was 18. It has been in the family a long time. This site is awesome lots of info thanks guys.

Date: 22/July/2009


I am interested in the story of the Italien.
Mark "T-TB" from NJ USA.
'65 Special Landau "MBRGLO"


Date: 12/July/2009


Wow what a car. I have a 1965 T bird Coupe that I'm hoping to finish one day. I've always liked the 1962/1963 cars. Regards Adrian Sydney.

Date: 7/May/2009


Hi love the site. I'm here in sunny dry Cal and i;ve got an original black on black leather Conv with wire wheels. Runs good and gets a lot of looks. I'll send pics and vin. I'm the 3rd owner.


Date: 2/May/2009


Barry Craddock 1963 CV Waterloo Ontario Canada


Date: 13/April/2009


Hello! From Detroit MI USA. I bought a 1963 tbird and I love it. I don't know much about it but i do know it was made in MI. Needs a lot of work. Love the the site.

Ben dawson


Date: 26/March/2009


Hi,my name is Thomas Powys-Keck, I live in England and i own a 1962 Ford Thunderbird Tudor Hardtop, a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster and a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Tudor Hardtop with a M Series engine. Nice site!


Date: 9/March/2009


Yiasou John
Love your site, can i put a pic of my Toyota ECHO on ... LOL.
Cheers, Gary (Cone Heads Burgers, StKilda. Australia)


Date: 8/March/2009


Love the site because i just bought a 63 t bird for 2500 bucks and it is in perfect condition except for a few scratches here and there but i cant get the power windows to work and can't figure it out, any advice?  


Date: 22/February/2009


I own a 63 that was originally purchased on January 31, 1963, in Oxnard Calif. I just bought it in Nov. 08, so I'm still in the Honeymoon Stage. It has what are believed to be 75000 original miles, complete with factory air. I'm looking forward to lots of cruises and shows in the months to come.Thanks,Mike Boaz, Decatur, Il.


Date: 19/February/2009


I just purchased a 63 thunderbird hardtop.

Date: 10/February/2009


God...T-bird is the most beautiful car ever. Hope I could afford it one day;) Great website, I particularly liked the idea of putting the sketches of different models along with the pictures of cars. Can't wait to see more Thunderbirds here.


Date: 16/January/2009


Edward Matthias, Scottsboro, Alabama, USA
Have a great day, mate

Date: 11/January/2009


Just bought a 1963 TBird tonight Monaco Landau edition #1530.  Bought it because I liked the look and the fact that it is completely original and i would say in mint condition (it was repainted in original Corinthian White).  So, what do I really have here?


Date: 9/January/2009


Hello from California. I would like to see a For sale and Wanted section on your site. Great to see so many Thunderbird enthusiasts !!
Kim Briggs
P.S. I'm looking for Leather#82 Lt. Blue seat covers for my 63' Thunderbird Sports Roadster

Date: 7/January/2009


Great site.  You can add my 63 Sports Roadster if you want.  E-mail me and I can send you pics.

I also have shots of the two Principality of Monacos that I once owned.

Tom Cofield
Olympia, WA


Date: 5/January/2009


Cool site.  Found it via facebook and have added it.

I Own a 63 Sports Roadster myself.  Complete restoration being done.


Date: 24/December/2008


Greetings from a Brit living in Virginia USA,

I have just about finished the restoration of my 63 Galaxie and looking for my next project I found a 63 Thunderbird. The plan is to go cruising in the Galaxie with my wife in the Tbird. The previous owner bought it in 1993 as a project but then just left it out in the rain for 15 years until I bought it. It is going to need a lot of work including fender patches, a new cowl and a new rear deck panel. On the positive side it is a M spec (3Y83M119581) Sadly the triple carb has been replaced but that seems to be fairly common. 

All the best

Date: 30/November/2008


Excellent website John. We just purchased a 63.
Mike & George B.
Virginia, USA

Date: 17/November/2008


I have just come into possession of a 1963 Thunderbird that has the fast back roof as shown in your photos.  All of the body work has been done and I have to bolt the car back together and paint it.  I am looking for any helpful articles or photos of this car being built in order to make sure its done correctly.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Date: 13/November/2008


Great site with great pics, well done John I can see you share my Uncle Romeo's passion.
Tony @ Mentone


Date: 23/October/2008


John, AWESOME SITE ! I have a low mileage 63' champagne hardtop. It retains all of it's original paperwork, invoice, owners manual ete and is a fine example of a true survivior.


Date: 15/October/2008


Nice and informative site. Nice to see some Aussie t-birds. I have a white 63 hardtop, in sunny Mackay, Queensland.



Date: 14/October/2008


I am restoring a 63 t bird I love these cars ,Geoff in Portland Or.


Date: 25/September/2008


John, I am the proud owner of a '63 hardtop with "M" code engine option which I just took out of storage after 10 years. Its a running partial restoration which I'm going to retackle and finish. The VIN# is 3Y83M110196 with the trim plate 63 A L 56 12K 72 2 4. It has been changed to a Holley 4V so Im looking for the tri power setup. It's been repainted pale yellow with a white top.  Needs new paint and front seat bottoms, other wise a good solid car. You can list it if you like and I can send pics. Mike in Oregon, USA

Date: 21/September/2008


Beautiful car, I`m looking at one now. Red with white vinyl top.

Date: 5/September/2008


Hello I'm a Canadian in North Bay On. Canada. I must admite to me it sure looks different to see the steering wheel on the other side on a 1963. I'm going to look around your site, the 1963 thunderbird has always been my favorite in all the years. I have owned four 1963 in my life, two hardtops, one low mileage convertable and now a 1963 M-landau I've loved them all.


Date: 26/August/2008


Hello; Cool website, I am a 3rd owner of a base 63 Thunderbird, that is a cruising restoration. Give me a hollar anytime, I look forward to talking to you!


Date: 25/August/2008


Great site, thanks for sharing all the info.

62 T-Bird

Date: 27/June/2008


Great Website mate, Always a good looking car...1963 Thunderbird. Keep up the good work.

Theo Goutziotis SHLB-65 (Melbourne Australia)....Keep on cruzing!


Date: 13/June/2008


Just introduced to this website by a fellow member of the Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club. Looking forward to it.   

John Ziler


Date: 7/June/2008


John, As you hunt down each new "Car of the Month" to show off you just keep displaying absolutely gorgeous '63 Bird's.
Bring on July !

Greg f (Melbourne Australia - Bird 63)


Date: 31/May/2008


Great website! Cool story on the Italien.

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Smith


Date: 21/May/2008


Great site John! I have a '61 Thunderbird that is underway. I hope that you enjoy the new steering wheel for yours, let me know if you need any more parts.

Andy Inman


Date: 5/May/2008


Finally got my dream car, a T-Bird 1963, coupe , working condition with a 390 rebuild motor, some rust all around, easy fix, looking for a good paint shop, I'm cleaning chrome trims and reading literature for a correct restoration process, I'm very happy with my purchase, planning to ride the rest of my life.


Date: 4/May/2008


John, I've been remiss in not visiting this wonderful tribute to '63 Birds more frequently. What you have achieved in such a short time is nothing less than amazing. TBird of the month is a wonderful development, and I imagine you have plenty more surprises in store for us !

Hope to have my promised restoration photos to you sooner rather than later........they have taken as long as the chromer has taken to complete all the "little" bits an pieces-I'm still patiently waiting.

Hope to CU at the next T.O.C.A meeting (Thunderbird Owners Club of Australia)
Greg f
Thunderbird Registry 31625


Date: 29/April/2008


Love your site...i do have a '63 silver mink roadster & '63 hardtop ' two '60 birds w/sunroofs


Date: 20/April/2008


Just ran across your site looking for a Bird registry (which doesnt seem to work lol). Picked up my first T-bird yesterday, a 63 HT Landau with 55000 original miles, leather options and #41 production number. Going to start the restore it next week. I'll be checking in here alot I am sure. Great site btw.

Date: 10/April/2008


Great site with Awesome photo's. I am a proud owner of a 1963 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster and registered with Thunderbird Registry #6773.
Mr. Kim Briggs
Turlock, Ca. USA


Date: 8/April/2008


Great website for a great car. I have a 1963 roadster red with red interior 3Y899. Has a tri power set up on it and been in my family for over 40years. Looking to start restoring it in the next 2 years.

New Zealand


Date: 31/March/2008


Hi John. Love the website, keep up the good work.
Sidney B.


Date: 24/March/2008


A very good site lots of homework has gone into it. Well done I also have a 1963 coupe would like very much to send some photos for veiwers to see..
Once again well done and put together.


Date: 17/March/2008


Hello from Wisconsin!!
I enjoyed your great website very much!  As a fellow tbird nut I have always been a giant fan of the 63 birds. I am a current owner of a driver condition, TRUE 1963 Roadster that I have owned for 15 years and have been buying parts for on ebay since the site was started. I enjoy collecting NOS parts and one of these days I will put them to good use when I restore this fine machine to show condition.  I have owned several other FORD products in the past including (2) 1962 Galaxie Verts, (1) 1960 Squarebird Vert, and (1) 65 tbird vert that was restored by me into a senior car as well as a 1967 Mustang.... I really enjoyed them all.
Thanks again John for the great info on your site...I really enjoyed it.

Mark Pierzchalski


Date: 15/March/2008


Nice Site. 

I own a 1963 Thunderbird Sports Roadster (true 76B roadster) that is undergoing a full restoration as we speak.  I will send you pics if you want of the progress on the car.

I have also owned 2 Principality of Monacos in the past.  I currently have a 62 Hardtop that has a lot of 63 components added.

Tom Cofield


Date: 15/March/2008


Super site - Very well constructed with information I haven't seen elsewhere.

Bobby Kelly

Former '63 Diamond Blue CV
Current '66 Raven Black CV


Date: 14/March/2008


Enjoyed every bit. Well put together. Very informative a must site for all 63 bird owner.                             Kevin thomas owner of Monaco Landau #684


Date: 01/March/2008


Thanks for the great site.
Erik, from Route 66 Oklahoma USA
63 Galaxie
64 Comet404


Date:  22/January/2008


John, great website!! Lots of good info, informative links and most important of all interesting to browse through. Keep up the great work!! Looks like you love tbirds almost as much as I do.
Steve Gasson.


Date:  18/November/2007


Hi John, pretty cool website i can see you like 1963 thunderbirds

well i will sign the guestbook again soon well bye

From Jonathon Georgantis


Date:  17/October/2007


your passion for the Very Best of the Bullet Bird models cannot be matched. We need to hear about your pride & joy and what plans you have for her. Keep us posted as you purchase parts and when you undertake some resto's. Irrespective of how small you think they might be we will be interested

Greg F (Bird 63 : Thunderbird Registry 31625)


Date:  17/September/2007

John, Great website well done. Great links to view.
Tom K Wheelers Hill


Date:  16/September/2007

Hi John, great website. I hope to have a 1963 thunderbird one day and when I do, I'll let you know. Cheers Gerry.


Date: 16/September/2007

Hi John, You have gone to alot of effort here with your website. Looks great and is very informative. Con from Dingley AUSTRALIA.


Date:  03/July/2007

Hi.John well done great website (mario itsa62)