1963 Thunderbirds.

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87 Thunderbirds

Hardtop = 48   Landau =  12   Monaco = 4   M code HT = 2

Concept Car "Italien" = 1

Convertible = 37   Sports Roadster = 13   M code CV = 3


John's 63 HT, Victoria AUS                                           

 Romeo's 63 HT, Victoria AUS

Barry's 63 CV, Victoria AUS

Angelo's 63 HT, Victoria AUS 

Brett's 63 HT Landau, Monaco, Queensland AUS

Omar's 63 CV Sports Roadster, California. USA 

Gregory's 63 CV Sports Roadster, California USA

Greg's 63 CV, Victoria AUS








Tom's 63 HT Italien, Minnesota. USA


 Jims 63 CV Sports Roadster, Minnesota. USA


Kim's 63 CV Sports Roadster, California USA 

Tanner's 63 HT, Utah. USA

Brian's 63 HT,Queensland. AUS  

 Zak's 63 HT Landau Monaco, Washington. USA

Randy's 63 CV, Washington. USA

Steve's 63 CV, Florida. USA

 Larry's 63 HT, Colorado. USA

Andrew's 63 HT, New York. USA

Bill's 63 CV Sports Roadster, Ontario. Canada

Len's 63 HT, California. USA

  Jon's 63 CV, Michigan. USA 

John's 63 HT Ontario, Canada.

David's 63 HT, Nevada. USA.

Jim's 63 CV, Pennsylvania. USA

RM Auction's 63 CV M Code Sports Roadster. USA

Gordy's 63 CV, Michigan. USA

James's 63 HT, Ohio. USA

Robin's 63 HT, Florida. USA

Mike's 63 HT M Code, Oregon. USA



Dave's 63 HT Landau , Missouri. USA

Tom's 63 HT Landau, New Mexico. USA

 Sara's 63 HT, Arkansas. USA

Don's 63 CV, California. USA

Noel's 63 CV Sports Roadster, Victoria AUS


Tim's 63 HT Landau, Monaco, Western Australia AUS


Duncan's 63 HT, Washington. USA

  Jeff's 63 HT, Texas. USA 

Kevin's 63 CV Sports Roadster, Washington. USA

Doy's 63 HT Landau, Texas. USA 

 Roland's 63 HT Landau Monaco, Nevada. USA 

Neil's 63 CV, California. USA

Mark's 63 HT, Texas.USA.

Craig's CV Mcode Sports Roadster, Illinios USA

Jim's 63 HT, Winnipeg. Canada

Greg's 63 HT/L M code, Nevada USA




Sean's 63 HT, Illinois. USA

Mark's 63 CV, Illinios. USA

Gale's 63 HT Landau, Illinois.USA

Theo's 63 HT, Queensland. AUS


 John's 63 CV. Victoria AUS

 Brian's 63 HT, New South Wales AUS




Amy's 63 HT, Texas. USA 

Dave's 63 CV Sports Roadster, Victoria AUS

 Jim's 63 HT, Oklahoma. USA

Leo's 63 HT, Florida. USA

Ronnie's 63 CV, North Carolina, USA

Ken's 63 CV Sports Roadster, Nevada. USA

Rick's 63 CV, Victoria. AUS

Ken's 63 HT, Oregon. USA

Tamoray's 63 HT Landau, Illinois. USA 

David's 63 CV, Massachusetts. USA

Mike's 63 CV,Florida. USA

Jack's 63 CV, New Hampshire. USA 

 John's 63 HT Landau, Limburg. Belgium.

Graham's 63 CV, Victoria AUS

Norm's 63 CV, Georgia. USA

Joe's 63 CV, Missouri. USA

Jim's 63 CV, Ohio. USA

Jim's HT, Ohio. USA 

Rich's 63 HT, Indiana. USA

 Arturo's 63 HT, Jalisco. Mexico

Duane's 63 HT Landau, Iowa. USA

Neil's 63 HT, New South Wales AUS 

Nicholas's 63 CV, New York. USA


Nate's 63 Custom HT, Minnesota. USA


This Tbird is for sale, contact Tom at t.mart@arach.net.au or Mob. on 0410 058 037 in the state of Western Australia.

Tom's 63 HT, Western Australia

Mike's 63 HT, New York. USA 

John's 63 HT, California. USA 

Richard's 63 CV, Victoria AUS

Dan's 63 Custom CV, Pennsylvania. USA

Tom's 63 CV, Minnesota USA

Tom's 63 CV Sports Roadster, Minnesota USA

Tony's 63 HT, Victoria. AUS 

Ron's 63 CV M code Sports Roadster, California USA

Jason's 63 HT, Queensland AUS

Greg's 63 HT/L, ACT AUS

63 HT,California. USA