1963 Thunderbird Upholstery Selections

Please note: Colors may not be true due to slight fading of samples.

Fabric and Vinyl Sample No. 74

Code:  72     Color:  Lt. Blue D/L Vinyl with Dk. Blue Pin

Code:  77     Color:  Lt. Turquoise Vinyl with Dk. Turquoise Pin

Code:  74     Color:  Pearl Beige Vinyl with Med. Beige Pin

Code:  72     Color:  Black Vinyl with Black Pin


All Vinyl Sample No. 50

Code:  52     Color:  Med. Blue with Lt. Blue

Code:  57     Color:  Med. Turquoise with Lt. Turquoise

Code:  59     Color:  Med. Chestnut with Med. Chestnut

Code:  54     Color:  Pearl Beige with Pearl Beige

Code:  56     Color:  Black with Black

Code:  55     Color:  Red with Red

Code:  50     Color:  Med. Silver Blue Met. with Lt. Silver Blue

Code:  58     Color:  Lt. Gold with Lt Gold

Code:  51     Color:  Lt. Rose Beige with Lt. Rose Beige


Genuine Leather Sample No. 85

Code:  82     Color:  Lt. Blue with Lt. Blue

Code:  84     Color:  Pearl Beige with Pearl Beige

Code:  86     Color:  Black with Black

Code:  85     Color:  Red with Red